Three Considerations To Remember When Buying a Ride-on Floor Scraper

Scrapping floors and installing new floors is quite common in Australia. You’ll see many old but well-maintained properties in Australia that people usually buy and get some renovations done to give it a new look. Therefore, the construction, renovation and floor installation industries are doing well. Installing new floors is an interesting task, but scrapping out old floors isn’t fun unless you have the right tools for the job.

You’ll commonly find a walk-behind scraper and a ride on floor scraper in the Australian market, which is most widely used for scraping floors. However, the preference is always given to ride-on scapers. If you are in the floor removal business and have been wondering how to replace your old machines with new ones, you should undoubtedly invest in ride-on floor scrapers.

What makes ride-on floor scrapers the most preferred floor removal tool?

The ride-on floor scrapers is the most innovative piece of machinery made for the purpose of removing rigid floors. Floors such as ceramic tiles, elastomeric coatings, hardwood floors, VTC, and stick on carpets are difficult to remove. With the help of this machine, the operator will apply force and power to the device to scrape the floor.

The best part about having it is that it reduces the time, effort and labour you require to do the job. Instead of assigning ten employees to the job, you need only one person to operate the machine.

What are the primary factors to keep in mind when buying a floor scraping machine?

Several features make a ride on floor scraper the best floor removal machine. Some of the factors that you should consider before purchasing are.

1. Speed and Torque

The speed and torque of the machine have a lot to do with its performance. If you have heavy equipment with good speed and torque, you are likely to get great results. Whereas if you have poor speed and torque , the results will suffer. The device’s speed has a minimal role, with its weight and torque being not equally balanced. You’ll simply be wasting time if all the proportions of the machine are not in sync.

2. Weight and Size

The weight and size are one of the major deciding factors. It largely depends on the area you want to work in. Suppose you want to scrape a warehouse floor; you will need a large one with a considerable amount of weight. A lightweight machine or a large surface area will not give you impactful results. Ride-on floor scrapers are most suitable for more extensive and open spaces.

3. Battery Backup

You need strong battery power scrapers that can perform their task for endless hours. It can be very off-putting for your client to see that your machines may not be able to perform for long hours, and because of which the work gets delayed. You might have to perform on-site where you have no source of power at all. In such situations, you should not feel caught up, and therefore, the most significant consideration before buying a floor scraping machine is its battery backup.

These were some essential factors to keep in mind before you make a purchase. However, you must also pay attention to the warranty, manufacturer, price, and accessibility of the machine. You can take a quotation and compare different machines to make the right decision before buying.

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