Things to Know Before Renting a Car in Miami

Miami is a fabulous location for kids, parents, and friends. Everyone will find fun things to do there! Some people come there for a few days, while others rent apartments and stay for summertime. Indeed, the infrastructure is for tourists’ convenience. Besides, you may think about the freedom of traveling, thus a Miami rental car. We are here to share some knowledge of what you should consider before taking wheels. Let’s go!

Plan your route

Create your itinerary, beginning from the pick-up site for cheap car rental in Miami for under 25 drivers. The road net is advanced. You can get to any city location! Then, pay attention to the toll roads. There are threefold: Florida’s Turnpike, Dolphin Expressway (836), and Airport Expressway (Route 112). The famous Palmetto motorway (826) is free of charge. 

Get SunPass 

Local drivers use the SunPass system to pay the tolls on the roads. Its operating principle does not require any more action from your side than to get an electronic account and a transponder. When your vehicle passes through SunPass terminals, it automatically pays the toll. Ask your rental supplier if he offers SunPass and includes that in the final price.

What can make one pay less?

When renting a car, double-check if that service is available and at what price. Always ask about all fees in advance to avoid overpaying. Likewise, when you rent a car under 25 years with extra daily surcharges, choose the option with unlimited mileage. It may seem more expensive, but you will get the fixed price. That is more convenient. You may have to adjust the route along the way and drive much more than you thought. Then using that option will save you money.

Follow the plan

One can say students do not like schedules. However, plan trips to amusement parks long ahead. Clarify the entrance time and prices. Do not forget about queues of visitors that deviate during the daytime. Come earlier in the morning. Alternatively, you may choose to spend a night in one of the hotels lined up in the neighborhood of popular attractions and landmarks. Thus, you may get a site for free parking on the hotel’s territory. Planning a tour, preorder the place to stay for a night, a rented car, and entrance tickets to the chosen parks. Receive them personally in the morning when there are fewer people. 

Be wary!

The level of crimes against driving tourists has decreased in recent years. However, be attentive and careful. Follow the recommendations: 

  • When navigating in the city, do not stop in unlit areas. Avoid stops in some urban sites without open public places that seem suspicious.
  • Keep closing your vehicle’s windows and doors. Do not forget to lock them. 
  • It is ok to ask for a direction with a slightly open window. 
  • Better hide all valuable things in a glove box instead of car seats. 

One more trick was widespread earlier. Strangers asked drivers to stop by showing something wrong with their cars. Never pay attention to such signs.  

Learn unusual traffic signs

Citizens of the USA have been struggling for universal legal literacy and equal rights. The US authorities hold different social-oriented actions and nationwide campaigns to protect the interests of residents. Thus, pay attention and do your best to comply with local laws. 

Speaking about tips for tourists, get ready to see the signs with explanatory inscriptions while you hit the road. Initially, the government tended to simplify orientation for people, replacing regular road signs. But a result was long-read banners and abbreviations. Indeed, it is challenging to perceive them at speed. Car rentals for young drivers will not test you on that topic. However, if you do not have much driving experience, get acquainted with some traffic sign types before traveling to Miami. Otherwise, you may receive a fine and lose much time. 

Behave on road

Everyone has to know the traffic rules and how to behave on the road when deciding to drive around Miami. Always take the driving license, insurance certificate, and documents on the rental car. Even if you are an under 25 car rental driver, police may ask you to stop and check them. Keep to the right side of the road. You may turn to the right when at red traffic lights unless there is no other turn prohibiting signs. Follow speed limits: 15 mph in school zones, 30 mph in residential or business areas, and 55 mph on most highways. There must be signs if the slower speed is obligatory. Let us remind you about safety. Wear seat belts and sit children in car seats. Besides, the law prohibits using smartphones and texting while driving a car. 

Do not forget our tips to make your navigation by car in Miami more comfortable. Thus, make your getaway successful! Have a nice trip!

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