Things To Consider While Getting An Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate planning is a tried and tested means of protecting your assets and taking good care of your family in your absence. This is why it becomes essential to find a good Estate Planning Lawyer in Reno who will ensure all your intentions are carried out as per your wishes. Today we will guide you through the process of choosing the best estate planning attorney who can guarantee peace of mind for you and your family while making the entire process practically painless. Let us now take a look at the different points to consider while hiring an estate planning lawyer:

  •       Primarily, you have to take into consideration the reputation of your chosen attorney. While most of us rely on internet reviews while looking for a lawyer, word of mouth can also serve as a reliable way of getting to know about an attorney’s reputation. You can ask around friends, family, and co-workers if they have worked with someone in this field and would like to recommend them to you.
  •       Experience of your estate planning lawyer is another important factor to consider. You should enquire about how long they had been practicing estate law and their experience in this field. As a rule of thumb, you can proceed with someone having at least five years of experience in estate planning. Your chosen attorney needs to be well versed in creating vital documents like trusts, wills, powers of attorney, and similar estate planning documents. If you require help with complex issues like business succession planning, then you will need a lawyer carrying adequate knowledge in different aspects of estate planning.
  •       Trust is the stepping stone of an attorney-client relationship. Given the extremely personal nature of estate planning, you should go for an attorney who is sympathetic to your demands. There is no point in working with an attorney if you cannot establish a solid rapport or don’t feel comfortable with them even when they possess vast experience in estate planning. You will be touching on sensitive topics like family conflict, finances, naming beneficiaries, choosing an executor, end-of-life decisions, appointing a guardian for your minor children, and similar important issues. Herein lies the importance of finding a lawyer with whom you can be honest about your requirements so that there is no communication gap.
  •       The fees of your chosen attorney might vary depending on their reputation, experience, and work style. You should ask about the same and other costs that might be incurred before signing any retainer agreement or contract. The last thing you would want is to be greeted by an exorbitant bill once you are done with estate planning. You can ask the attorneys how often you need to update your estate plan and the related costs during the interviewing process.


Estate planning can help with the proper sharing of your assets among your loved ones in your absence. While choosing the right attorney might seem to be easier said than done, you can surely get the one who is in sync with your specific requirements by conducting proper research and considering the points mentioned above.

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