Things to consider when going for tree pruning

Pruning is a major part of a tree care regime. It is done because of several reasons. Firstly, pruning helps enhance the tree’s look with its shape and appearance. It also helps in controlling diseases and pests in trees. When done correctly, pruning enhances the beauty and health of a tree. Pruning lowers the possibility of tree damage to a great extent. So, to make the most of it, tree pruning should be done efficiently. This is why you should know the process well. Here are a few things to consider when pruning trees.

  1. Firstly you should inspect a tree cautiously. When inspecting, you will find out what branches should be cut down.
  2. Removal of dead branches. Dead branches negatively impact the health and appearance of a tree. It can also fall at any time. This is why trimming them should be your priority.
  3. Get rid of weak branches. Weak branches are a major risk of falls and breakage. Such trees should be trimmed before time.
  4. Remove branches that are crossing one another. Crossing branches doesn’t let light and air flow through a tree.
  5. Adhere to the 1/3 and ¼ pruning rules. In simple words, it means you should remove more than 1/3 of the total height of three from the base. And you should trim over ¼ of the crown of the tree.
  6. When trimming a tree, you should maintain even space in the lateral branches of the tree.
  7. Make sure you have all the necessary tools in advance. The major pruning tools include pole pruner, hedge trimmer, pruning saw, shears, and loppers. Different equipment has different roles to play. While shears are recommended for branches, they help prune flowers, small trees, and shrubs. To trim the hedges, you should use a hedge shear. Use a pruning saw if you need to prune branches more than 1.5 in thickness.
  8. Always prune your trees using sensitive equipment.
  9. Early spring is the perfect time to prune trees as summer helps the trees bloom. Prune hedges and evergreen trees during early summer. If you are pruning maple and birch, do it in late summer. Late winter is a suggested time if you want to prune fruit trees. However, pruning can be done at any time of the year if the tree has dead branches or is growing irregularly.
  10. Do not secure tree wounds once pruning is done: people often think a tree will look great if the wounds are painted. But, painting doesn’t have any effect on decay. Painting wounds can lead to the rise of pests and diseases. So, don’t go for protecting the wounds of the tree.

Tree trimming is not a simple task. It needs special abilities, experiences, tools, and knowledge. This is why it is essential to choose skilled and experienced professionals who can perform this essential task. Call experts at Local Arborist today to meet all your tree pruning needs. They will assess the tree and perform the process accordingly.

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