The Woman’s Fedora Hats – All About Wearing It Correctly

The majority of people assume that a fedora hat is mostly for men. However, if you read a little bit about the history of hats, you will find that fedoras were popular amongst women as well. It was a symbol of women’s rights movement. But in the recent times, politics don’t have any part to play as to how fedoras get conjectured. These hats have already gained a place in the fashion world. And today, fedora hats are preferred by women across all age groups.

If you browse the past, you will find that actress Sarah Bernhardt was the one who sported a felt fedora for a play of the same name and that made this hat popular. Hence, there is evidence to proof that this hat started with a woman. Hence, it is not surprising that many women today want to buy their fedoras and style it in different ways.

Are fedoras considered stylish today?

Today, the fedora hats with its soft brim and an indented crown have become a popular accessory amidst the celebrities and influencers. If you recently got introduced to the fedora hat style, you will know that it’s easy to style. Also, you can get these hats available in felt and wool material which provides it a great shape.

Important guidelines for wearing a fedora hat

You don’t have any compulsion to choose a wool fedora. If you browse through the fedora hat women collection, you will also find the lightweight and breathable straw fedoras. It’s apt for your summer parties. You might also want to choose a small fedora that is apt for all seasons.

So, are you looking for a woman’s fedora? If yes, today there are many designs with a wide and soft brim. In case you stay outdoors, then your hat will cover your face from the scorching sun rays. And if you wish to choose a classic fedora, select from colors like grey, tan, ivory and black. You also have the option to opt-in for vibrant shades and style it the way you want. A bright colored fedora hat will go very well with a monochrome outfit.

Are you also thinking about ways to look stunning in a fedora hat? You don’t have to make a ponytail or let it down. You just have to manage your hairstyle. If you want, you can get inspired from the bohemian braid style. Your fedora hat is much more than a casual hat. Women with short hair can also sport this.

But above all, it is necessary that you opt-in for the right hat size. For this, you need to get the measurement correct. And for this, you should make use of the following steps:

  1. It is best to measure close to ¾ inch above the ears using a measuring tape. That way, you can prevent the hat sitting very low.
  2. When it comes to the headwear, make sure to measure about 1/8 of an inch.
  3. You need to check the hat size chart again for a certain brand that you select. And if you in between any size, you should always size up.

Things to wear with the fedora

Are thinking how should you combine an attire and the fedora hat? You can refer to the guidelines below that will help you to dress smart and classy with a fedora.

  • Dress for a beach gathering

If you get asked about the way to sport a straw fedora, show them the beach! You can always opt-in for a wide brim fedora hat with a new-age bikini, and select a breezy layer to cover the swimsuit as you move through the sand and water. The other alternative is to make use of a short shirt dress if you don’t like sheer kaftans.

  • A day out with your girlfriends

If you have a neutral-hued fedora hat it will look stunning with all types of denims, such as skinny, distressed, and flared. You can choose any one that you like. You can also opt-in for a boyfriend style shirt along with a loose cardigan. The other option is the choose a 70s style shorts and pair it up with an off-shoulder top.

  • A day at work

Here you have the option of pairing your fedora with a very sleek black trouser along with a white button-down shirt. It will make a great business outfit. You can also try skinny trouser pants and pair it with a silky blouse and you will notice that it adds elegance to your look.

  • Wear it at an outdoor wedding

You have the option to wear a fedora at a wedding. You can opt-in for an embellished jumpsuit, a smart clutch and heels. You will look classy for the celebration. Also, a classic fedora will look stunning with the correct dress.

When it comes to your fedora hat, you can keep in mind the pointers mentioned above and style your hat accordingly.

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