The truth about buying a used Yamaha piano

What about purchasing a used Yamaha piano?

Customers frequently contact Yamaha Piano Service to inquire about buying a used Yamaha piano. They want to know how old the instrument is, whether it’s in working order, and how much it costs. We do our best to respond to their inquiries regarding a technical standpoint.

We first let the customer know that they are inquiring about a used piano store singapore . We point out that there is always some level of risk when purchasing any second hand item. It is impossible to determine whether the piano has been properly maintained, if it is damaged, how old it is, or whether it needs major rebuilding without an expert evaluation.

Before buying a piano, we recommend that consumers contact a professional technician and have him or her perform a complete examination of the instrument.


For a wide range of clients, we restore and recondition pianos. We examine each instrument thoroughly before delivering it; as a result, we guarantee all parts and labor for ten years on every piano we sell. Some customers would rather have an independent expert check the piano for them. If this makes the customer more at ease with their purchase.

What Every Potential Used Piano Buyer Should Know

We can also tell you when the piano was purchased by the dealer and when it was sold, as well as how long the manufacturer’s warranty has been in effect. Having this knowledge, as well as the experience we have had offering warranty help for numerous hundreds of thousands of Yamaha pianos during the previous 35 years, allows us to give information that may assist a potential customer in lowering his or her purchase risk.

However, the used pianos clients are increasingly interested in were not originally intended for the United States. It is most often a well-used older piano that was imported from Japan and sold to a piano dealer in the USA. When asked about one of these pianos, we can only tell you that it was not designed for this market.

What Is The Main Problem With Used Yamaha Pianos Made For The Japanese Market?

For over 50 years, Yamaha has produced pianos for Japan and the Asian market before exporting them to North America and Europe. In the 1960s, Yamaha began shipping pianos to Canada and the United States. Our engineers had no idea how dry North American homes were.

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