The Truth About Anonymous Hosting

Have you ever been searching for “anonymous hosting”? Anonymous hosting will let you host your content anonymously without linking this content to your true identity.

Your reasons for going low might be various, to prevent data or identity theft, stop or prevent harassers and data miners or just the right to remain anonymous or private.

You might be writing politically sensitive content or running an online business handling customers’ payment details. Or you might be only looking for anonymous image hosting or anonymous video hosting. Privacy and anonymity are fundamental human rights, and these are crucial to ensuring our freedom and sovereignty as individuals.

How to keep hosting details anonymous?

Anonymous hosting offers complete privacy of your content. Anonymous hosting servers or anonymous VPS (Virtual Private Server) have the power to let you share any content without the need to provide your personally identifiable information (PII).

All you need to sign up for anonymous hosting is an email address, no online verification, no need to upload any ID or bill slip. You do not need to provide your real name or phone number. Even your email address might be temporary or anonymous, thanks to end-to-end encrypted email services like Protonmail.  So when signing up, your personally identifiable information will remain anonymous.

How to stay anonymous while paying for anonymous hosting?

What kind of payment method will let you stay anonymous? Well, hardly any, but the closest to untraceable is crypto payment. In all traditional payment systems like banks, credit cards, Paypal, or Stripe, your account is directly linked to your name and email address. However, to create a Bitcoin wallet, you don’t have to supply a name, address, or email. As long as your wallet stays anonymous, all your payments will do so. Thanks to crypto payments, anonymous hosting is ideal for those who intend to keep their identities private.

How to anonymously access your VPS?

So far, we have explained anonymous sign-up and anonymous payments, but how to access your Control panel without any trace? Have you heard of Tor? Tor protects your online identity by encrypting and bouncing your traffic through random nodes. The traffic is bounced through a chain of volunteer computers chosen among thousands worldwide, making it difficult to trace your connection from origin to destination. The most basic way to use Tor is simply downloading, installing, and running the TorBrowser from the Tor Project’s website.

When choosing an anonymous hosting provider, look for the one with an onion domain. The onion domain is the website’s address that you can access only through the Tor anonymity browser. Regular browsers won’t be able to take users to this website.

How to setup an anonymous domain and hosting.

Based on all already said, if you decide to set up or switch to anonymous hosting, you will only need a bitcoin wallet and a valid email address. Accessing your anonymous hosting log-in form via Tor is the best start. Once you sign up, you will be able to pick your preferable hosting plan. You can even set your own plan based on your preferable configuration of CPU, memory, and SSD. It’s highly advisable to set your SSH key since it will provide a safeguarded way to log into your anonymous VPS.

What will anonymous hosting get you?

Anonymous hosting provides many fancy features, so let’s list some of them.

  • Anonymous registrations
  • Payment anonymity
  • Anonymous access via Tor
  • Full root access
  • Offshore jurisdiction
  • Top security and uptime
  • Regular Backups and Snapshots

We have already described the anonymous registration process, the benefits of Bitcoin and Tor. So let’s start with the rest of them.

Full root access gives you an unhindered and unrestricted level of access to your anonymous server. With full root access, you have the power to configure your server in any way you like.

Offshore jurisdiction means that you get to choose from different datacenter locations. This gives you extreme content liberty, so you can upload almost any content (even if it’s prohibited in your country).

Top security and uptime are guaranteed by anonymous hosting infrastructure. Many of these anonymous hosting providers let you buy servers from big hosts such as DigitalOcean for Bitcoins. Therefore they also provide all the top-notch security features that DO does.

Regular Backups and Snapshots allow you to recover from data, application, or system losses with minimal or zero downtime. Backups will periodically copy all your data, and snapshots allow you to roll back to a previous point-in-time. They cost you a fraction of a monthly server fee, and you should definitely opt for them.


Whether you’re looking for anonymous web hosting or running an online business, anonymous hosting will get you a sufficient level of security and privacy. Thanks to Bitcoin anonymity, your true identity won’t get exposed. Offshore jurisdiction will let you share any desirable content. Full root access will get you the power to configure your anonymous hosting in any way you need. And regular backups and snapshots allow you to recover your data anytime you need to. The truth to be told, anonymous hosting is one of the most private and secure hosting options these days.

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