The solution to drawbacks of online medicine order app

Most Indian citizens have shifted to online medicine order apps with an increase in their popularity. Benefits given by online medicine order apps are reasons behind their popularity among citizens.

Few benefits include:

  • Convenient and time-saving
  • Increased internet penetration
  • Competitive pricing among online medicine order apps
  • Medicines are easily accessible
  • E-consultation
  • Heavy discounts
  • 24/7 customer support
  • A convenient policy of return and refund
  • Physical distancing in lockdown

According to a report conducted in Delhi, 61% of citizens preferred a home medicine delivery app instead of their nearby pharmacy. This explains that most people prefer buying medicines online.

Drawbacks of online medicine order apps contribute to the other 39% of citizens that still prefer their nearby pharmacies.

Drawbacks of online medicine order apps –

  • Many online medicine order apps are unregistered, which increases safeguard issues among citizens. This makes the customer not trust the home medicine delivery app he/she uses.
  • Using the same home medicine delivery app for purchasing medicines becomes boring. This mainly happens because many apps provide the same services to their customers every time.
  • With an increase in fake pharmacies, the chances of fraud increase. Many fake online medicine order apps attract customers with heavy discounts, which may lead to money fraud.
  • Many unregistered apps sell medicines on the portal without a valid prescription, which is a crime. This encourages self-medication among customers.
  • An unregistered home medicine delivery app does not usually sell CDSCO approved medicines, which could increase the adulteration of drugs. Many apps sell fake, expired, or adulterated drugs to their customers. This harms the health of customers and may result in fatal situations.
  • The sale of tranquilizers, psychotropic drugs, narcotics, and habit-forming drugs has been prohibited to the home medicine delivery app by the government. Many online medicine order apps sell these drugs on the portal and without valid prescriptions. This can lead to drug addiction among buyers.
  • Many online medicine order apps don’t understand the urgency and delays in the delivery of medicines. This, in turn, may cause a health emergency among the customers.
  • Many apps do not employ certified doctors for the E-consultation of patients. This increases the probability of misdiagnosis and wrong prescriptions, which may harm the patients.
  • Many unregistered apps or websites aren’t protected, which may increase the chance of misuse of the personal and financial data of customers, leading to a scam.

Truemeds: A solution to the drawbacks of online apps

Doctor- Pharmacist- Patient is a tricycle that may split the Influence business of online apps. Truemeds is an app that follows this tricycle to achieve trust from its customers.

It is one of the best home medicine delivery app in India because:

  • Trumeds is registered under RoC-Kanpur.
  • It offers a legit discount of up to 72% on every medicine.
  • It offers various discounts, promo codes, and cash back to its customers on every occasion.
  • It doesn’t sell medicines without a prescription.
  • Truemeds only sells CDSCO approved and tested medicines. It doesn’t sell those medicines that are addictive.
  • Truemeds understands the urgency of medicines and delivers medicines within 48-72 hours.
  • All doctors of Truemeds are certified for E-consultation.
  • The app or website of Trumeds is fully protected and is safe to use by the customers.

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