The 2019-20 bushfires in Australia took the lives of around 35 people and destroyed almost 2600 homes in the country. At the same time, bushfires have been a common occurrence in Australia since as early as 1851. Deforestation and global warming had heightened the severity of the 2019 fire season. In the Anthropocene age, fire disasters can occur anytime/anywhere, and it is high time humans become aware of the changing ecosystem and promote coexistence. However, fire-rated doors are the best choice to withstand fires and save lives in times of fire emergencies. Since these doors are made of materials like glass, gypsum, and steel, they can hold out against extreme temperatures. The primary function of a fire-rated door during a fire accident is to delay the spread rate so that the inhabitants and pets inside the building can be saved in the meantime.

In the following section, let us look at some of the major benefits of installing fire-rated doors in residential and commercial properties.


It is needless to say that smoke, which is the byproduct of fire, is equally hazardous and can cause damages to the respiratory system. In case of a fire accident, fire doors can save the inhabitants from the deadly smoke by acting as a cover. This is due to the expanding potential of the seals of these doors as they expand once the ambient temperature becomes hot. That is how the fire door acts as a barrier against the outside environment. The sealing potential of these doors not only helps to reduce damage from the smoke but also plays a key role in saving lives during fire accidents.

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Their sturdy design would save your home not only from fire accidents and smoke but also from intruders and possible threats. The rigid body ensures that the toxic gases emitted during the fires are effectively contained to one particular area (and hence prevents spreading).

Where should one install fire doors?

Nowadays, commercial and industrial facilities make the most out of fire doors by installing them in the right areas. However, as discussed in the previous section, residential properties can also benefit from installing fire doors due to their versatile arrangement. To optimise the fire prevention strategy, one must install these doors in the right locations and avoid potential loopholes.

  • Entrance as well as exit areas in front of the corridors.
  • Access points between two buildings.
  • Doorways between restricted and non-restricted areas in industrial facilities.
  • Residential units that are close to the fire-prone areas.

Choice and Installation

Choosing the right fire door from the right place and its proper installation have a positive impact on its durability. With fire door experts like Fire Door Factory coming to the fore in Australia, customers can purchase all fire door-related hardware online at reasonable rates. Every fire door comes with a rating, and it is ideal to choose the door that best suits the requirements of the building. Fire-rated doors made of timber would be ideal for industries that deal with food, chemicals, and important documents related to the company’s license. Most of the fire doors made of timber would last for at least 40 minutes during a fire accident.

In short, if you are thinking of taking your fire protection strategy to the next level, installing fire doors is the ideal option.

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