The pros and cons of wigs and weaves

If you want to add volume and length due to suffering from hair loss or thinning, or just want to change your hairstyles or colors, using wigs and weaves is a great way to achieve the results. But you probably wonder, “what should I get?”, a wig or hair weaves. It’s necessary for you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of wigs and weaves, so you can choose the right way to help you feel natural and fabulous.



  1. There are many styles, density options, and colors for you to choose from, you can simply use a wig to change and experience a whole new look. Unice mall offers all sorts of colored wigs for your options.
  2. Wigs can achieve your desirable looks in an instance without troubling your natural hair, you can wake up in the morning without styling the hair most time and the hair can stay the way you like it. How natural and fabulous the looks depends on the quality of the wigs from hair vendors.
  3. Instead of coloring or heating your natural hair, wigs come with pre-style and color can protect your natural from suffering heat and chemicals which may cause hair loss and thinning of your hair.
  4. Wigs can cover your natural hair and offer time for your damaged hair time to recover.
  5. There are some wigs designed to look natural and invisible, such as lace design wigs. Some lace design wigs have HD lace which offers a more transparent lace to match your skin for making your wig look more natural and ventilated.


  1. Wig tends to be expensive compared with hair weaves, and human hair wigs are the most expensive kind. So it’s not friendly for those who have a tight budget.
  2. Wearing wigs can be uncomfortable especially in summer, you probably feel hot and itchy due to the high temperature and humidity.
  3. If you choose a human hair wig, you need to spend time maintaining your wig regularly just like your natural hair. Otherwise, the hair will have frizz and tangling problems which will affect the looks. So it’s a time-consuming project.



  1. Weaves can give you a similar experience with new hairstyles and colors by adding volume, length to your hair.
  2. Unlike wigs, wearing hair weaves can avoid discomfort in warmer seasons, it can give your natural hair and scalp air to breathe.
  3. Hair weaves are more secure if you install the hair with the right methods. You can find more tips about weaves and unice hair bargains at unice mall.
  4. You can achieve a more natural look with your leave-out hair and choose a similar texture or color.Visit this site moviespur to get more info and also learn more about openload where you can download the newest movies at no cost.Read more about : Pii-email


  1. It can cause you hair loss and even alopecia if you braid your hair too tight for installing the weaves.
  2. Wearing weaves is not a good option for someone who suffers from severe hair loss, because it needs hair to create a base for installing the hair weaves.
  3. It takes time to style your hair with heat, and you need to color the hair for a new look.
  4. Wearing weaves may cost a fortune if you go to a salon for installment and remove and you need to take care of the hair with hair products.

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