The most effective methods for caring for and cleaning carpets

When you stroll around the living room, do you have cold feet? It’s time to bring out the rugs that have been dormant all summer. And then there’s the time when you have to unroll them because you’re afraid they’ll seem unclean, discolored, or dusty. Do you have any doubts about how well you’ve stored them? 

If you look after them well enough? How can you know if you’ve washed them too much or too little? Whether you retain these accessories throughout the summer months or have carpets in the winter and summer, these simple tips on how to care for them will be useful or you can also choice the best carpet cleaning company Surrey.

If you’re just getting started with this vital item of home décor, there are a few things you should be aware of. The four keys to selecting it, for example, are the location, the available space, the intended usage, and the decorative style. According to the specialists at Leroy Merlin, a firm that specializes in conditioning and household items, these characteristics will decide the rug’s substance, ease of washing, and durability.

According to the experts, all of our home’s rooms, from the living room to the bedrooms, passing via the corridor, may require a carpet. And, when it comes to the use that will be made of it, it is also necessary to understand the family traits. If you have children or pets, for example, you should choose a rug that is durable, has long-lasting colors, and can endure multiple cleanings. Light-colored rugs should be reserved for low-traffic areas, they advise.

Colors are another factor to consider when making your decision. Light tones such as sand, beige, ivory, stone, taupe… are recommended by the experts at Leroy Merlin if you want the space to appear more large and bright. While the dark ones remain longer, they darken the space or room and make it smaller.

Is there a difference between a summer and a winter rug?

Summer or winter carpets are available, and the variations will be determined by our expectations. We want it to keep us cool during the summer. In the winter season, on the other hand, we want something that gives us warmth, covers us, and helps to keep the temperature of the room at a comfortable level. According to La Mallorquina, a store specializing in textile decorating for the home, the rugs work as insulation from the cold, saving up to 6% in natural gas consumption.

Fiber carpets, vinyl or raffia, and thin textile fabrics such as cotton are perfect for the summer. Thicker and more numerous fabric rugs, such as wool or synthetic fibers like polyester, will be appropriate for winter, according to La Mallorquina.

To clean a carpet, use the ABC method

There are a few ways you may do to keep your carpets looking brand new. Three things stand out in Leroy Merlin’s work:

  1. Cleaning them with a soft-haired broom for the first several weeks is advised. During the first month, avoid using the vacuum cleaner.
  2. Sweeping the carpet in the pile direction is suggested. And if there is some lint loss, nothing happens. It’s usual for this to happen following the sweep.
  3. Hitting the carpet to shake it is inconvenient. You are causing harm to the cloth and, as a result, reducing its usable life with this gesture. If you did, let it be for the base section, the one that lies on the ground.

Cleaning time: how to do it correctly?

The most suitable cleaning for a carpet will depend on the type of fabric and its size. The most crucial thing is to check at the manufacturer’s requirements, they suggest from La Mallorquina.

On the contrary, if there is an alternative to dry cleaning, then you will have to go to the dry cleaner if it is large, more than anything for convenience. If the rug is small and soft, it can be washed at home, but always by hand and with light detergents. Drying should be in the open air so that the fibers restore their consistency naturally.

The ideal is to take the rug to the dry cleaner once a year for a full cleaning, clarifies Jordi Palau, vice president of the Gremi de Tintorers I Bugaders de Barcelona. There are many washing systems and not all are good for all carpets. “Many are washed with soap and water, then rinsed, drained and transported to a drier. But there are others that require dry cleaning, with rotary presses, etc.

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