The Latest Trends to Follow in the Marijuana Industry

The marijuana market is rapidly evolving, with the legalization of marijuana in most states. You may want to keep up with the latest news about marijuana trends as its popularity has been growing at an increasing rate for the past few years.

In any particular industry, customer preferences, demand, and product policies keep changing frequently. This drives the people invested in the marijuana industry to always stay ahead. Here are some of the latest trends in the marijuana industry and what to expect in 2022.

Diversified Products

In the recent past, products like edibles, vape pens, and concentrates have started to grab attention against traditional marijuana consumption methods. The industry is expanding with a new set of products. The change is primarily due to customers slowly becoming aware of the beneficial medical effects of marijuana.

People who are health conscious are less inclined towards the inhalation methods of consuming marijuana, and hence the popularity of THC-infused products began. Some of the newly introduced cannabis products that are accessible to customers are:

  • Cannabis-infused beverages
  • Cannabis-infused topical products
  • Cannabis-infused cosmetic products
  • THC or CBD capsules
  • THC or CBD suppositories
  • THC or CBD transdermal patches


THC and CBD aren’t the only cannabinoids that are being used in the marijuana market. Other cannabinoids give significant health benefits. These minor cannabinoids are branched down into psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabinoids.

Reports and news about marijuana show that only 40% of the customers in legal markets use cannabis for non-health purposes. This trend implies a potential rise in research and development in the marijuana industry.


The role of technology in any industry is crucial, and it recently started to boost the marijuana industry. Retail store operations and dispensaries started to deploy the technology needed to improve their businesses.

Starting with online menus for stores, businesses provide delivery options just like any other industry. Brands are making use of email and text to engage customers and keep them updated.

Suppliers now make use of automation and software. All these technological implementations are aimed towards customers and optimal growth.


Federal approval for the money coming from the sector is the next stop for the marijuana industry. This means that cannabis businesses can have federal support for banking services and payment processing.

Until now, marijuana businesses have been managing their financial operations in a gray state. This limit has stopped them from having benefits like businesses from other industries. Business practices that apply in other industries will also apply to the marijuana industry.

Education and Medical Use

There has been a whopping 140% increase in people who consumed marijuana for the first time. This gives access to information and education.

With a boost towards organic lifestyles and well-being, consuming marijuana also serves as a stress reliever, especially when anxiety and stress are over the roof. Considering this, marijuana brands are leaning their marketing and customer service strategies towards medical usage.

Wrapping Up

Reports suggest that the Federal government may legalize cannabis and related products at a national level. CBD edibles and other CBD products with THC levels lower than .03 percent are now widely available over the counter. It’s recommended you choose a top-rated CBD brand to buy products.

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