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The Importance of Live Videos for Marketing 

Live videos are part of the video marketing that has a commendable engagement rate. Since the videos began to have a good boom on the social platforms, they have undergone various transformations. Live videos are the type of video which has a better engagement rate when compared to all other forms of videos. Subsequently, these videos have earned immense importance for video marketing. So, marketers must understand how live videos can be leveraged for marketing purposes. The article will show you how live videos can be utilized for brand promotions and increase conversions. 

Enable Conversations with Live Videos:

Live videos are a perfect tool that can be leveraged for the purpose of conversational marketing. Today, conversational marketing has earned vast importance when it comes to lead generation. Marketers utilize this marketing tactic to assess whether a prospect may turn into their customer or not. Hence, marketers are keen on conversational marketing, for which live videos are the perfect tool. Live videos possess the capacity to drive a large number of people towards them. Notably, live videos have also been designed in such a manner. For example, once you go live on Instagram, everyone following your page will be notified. This will eventually drive a vast audience towards the videos with whom you can interact. Currently, Instagram live videos have a 3x higher engagement rate than the usual posts. Once you have gained considerable viewers, interact with them to know what they prefer from your brand, your drawbacks, and their other expectations. This, in turn, will help you to find how people have perceived your brand. Engieapp is a notable company that marketers craft result-assuring strategies for live videos. 

Live Videos for Marketing:

Live videos work well for marketing purposes. Let us assume that you are going to come up with a new product. Before launching it in the market, you have to create a good image for that product among the people. So, you can go live and give a detailed interpretation of your product. You can also add insights about your product, such as its longevity, efficiency, etc. This way, people may be convinced to buy your product, and they immediately purchase once it gets launched in the market. You can also make a note of the people’s expectations during the live session and make any changes to your product if required. Thus, live videos provide a multitude of benefits. 

The Arrival of New Applications:

On seeing the growing importance of live videos, many new social applications are getting introduced around the live stream. Currently, Twitch is one such live-stream gaming application that has gained tremendous traction. There are paid services like buy twitch followers to gain massive popularity on this platform.  You can also edit your recorded live videos after by using the right online video editor 

Wrapping Up: 

Live Videos are a perfect medium to elevate brand awareness. Currently, many firms have achieved excellence by utilizing this feature. So, incorporate live videos into your marketing strategy and maximize your conversion rate. Even if you hire an influencer, go live with him and promote your brand. This will assure you a multitude of benefits.  

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