The Importance of Good Car Tires and when you Should Replace Them

If there’s a part that some car owners ignore when it comes to taking care of their cars, they have to be the tires. Maintaining a vehicle goes further than just replacing oil and balancing the wheels. You need to ensure your tires are in peak condition. Keeping your tires in peak condition goes further than just extending your car’s life span. It also ensures your safety while also providing a better driving experience. There’s more to that, and here are a few reasons why you need to have good car tires.


The number one reason why you should have good tires is your own safety. For example, if you buy new tires today, you can expect them to take you at least 100,000 miles before they wear out. This will have you traveling for several years without having to worry about the tire. You can avoid accidents like burst tires, among others that are caused by worn-out tires.

Comfortable Drive

One thing about worn-out tires is they don’t offer a comfortable driving experience. First, they make a lot of noise as opposed to well-kept tires. Good tires also grip the road better and overall give you a better experience. Especially when you’re a fan of long travels, you need to ensure that you have good tires. Most of my mates buy car tyres in Toowoomba, and you can buy them wherever you live. Good tires are good tires, better get some, or else the trip may turn out longer than you had anticipated.

Better Performance on the Road

With good car tires from TDot Performance, you don’t have to work harder when you drive. Worn-out tires have little tread on them, making it hard for friction.. You may find it harder to apply brakes with these types of tires and cause accidents. Remember that a car with bad tires has to push a little more power to the ground for you to make a turn. The same also applies when you need to break. Skidding off the road is also a possibility with these tires.

Better Traction

You want tires that will serve you okay no matter the terrain you’re driving on. This can only happen when you have good tires on your car. You don’t want to be on a muddy road with tires that don’t grip well.

Better Gas Mileage

When you’re driving with worn-out tires, you have to push the car harder. This means you have to put in extra effort to move the vehicle, which consumes more gas. If you have better ones, however, you can reduce the fuel usage.

Keep the Tires in Peak Condition

Mechanics need to ensure that your tires are well aligned, balanced, mounted, and inflated correctly.

When to Replace the Tires

Generally, as a rule of thumb, it is recommended that car tires should be replaced after six years. This should be despite the tires having treads left or not. You can check how old your tires are by looking at the four-digit Department of Transportation code. This code can be found on the wall of the tire.

Good tires = safe travels

There are several advantages to having good car tires. Your safety being chief among the reasons it’s essential to have good tires. 

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