The Facts and Tips for Company Custom T Shirt that Looks Great

Making company custom t shirt Singapore may seem like a breeze, but you’d be surprised that it isn’t as easy as it seems. Such company shirt may not be big deal for you, but all businesses should have such a ‘uniformed’ stuff that can deliver a sense of professionalism and quality. Somehow, the shirts would be legitimacy to the business. The uniform may not seem important, but it is actually about consistent branding, style points, and professionalism. Not to mention that the shirts bring relation and also cohesion with looking good and feeling valued. So, what should you consider when you want to make such a custom order?

Choosing the Right Garment

Don’t underestimate the types of garment or fabric when you want to make company custom t shirt. After all, as a company’s uniform, you will be wearing the shirt every day and all day long. Everyone wants to wear comfy stuff that looks appropriate and stylish. But then again, does the fabric meet your budgets? Do you even know what fabrics to choose?

When you are about to choose the right fabric, there are several questions that you need to ask yourself. These questions will help you determine the right fabric for you.

  • What would be the shirts’ purposes? Is it for casual events only? Is it for promotional giveaways? Or will it be a part of your uniform, which you will have to wear on a daily basis?
  • Who would be wearing those shirts? Laborers only? Is it the middle management only? Executives only? Or would it be for middle management and executives only?
  • How often is this shirt worn? Is it for special occasions only? Single events? Or do you have to wear it on a daily basis?
  • What is the condition when it is worn? Do you have to wear it in a temperature-controlled setting (such as in stores or offices where the AC is available) or under the outdoor heat?
  • What would your budget for each shirt? If you have to go with the higher quality, will you be able to afford it?

Let’s say that you need an everyday uniform that would be worn by laborers that may deal with hot condition. The budget is somewhat in the middle range sector. You probably think that cotton would be the perfect option, considering that it is popular for its breathability and comfort. But if you pick a rather heavy and thick fabric, it will get hot easily. And don’t forget that cotton is moisture-absorbent, which means that you would make you sweaty and hot. In this case, the fabric may not be the best solution. If you think about adding sleeves, it wouldn’t be a wise option. Long sleeves trap heat and they can get in the way – well, most of the times they do.

You may want to go with ring spun cotton, another type of cotton with different characteristics and nature. This fabric can result in better prints because it has smooth surface. It is also lighter, which results in more comfort and less sweat. This would be a better option that the regular cotton.

The Appropriate Design

Another factor to consider about company custom t shirt is the style. There are the polo-shirt type and also button-ups. If your business is about dealing with customers on a regular basis (bars, restaurants, customer services, retails, etc), you may need to create a design for the salespeople. In some cases, the management may also need such uniform to deliver a more professional outcome.

If you need a shirt to deal with your customers, then use simple design and basic colors. Well, using fancy images (bold and big images with colorful hues) is okay, but then again, you need to think whether it would be an appropriate step for the professional reputation of the business. Not to mention that you may think about having different fabrics for different workers. For instance, the laborers require more comfortable and breathable shirts because they have to work in different surroundings. In the meanwhile, the executives may spend more times in their offices (with AC) so it would be okay to use a rather thicker fabric for them.

If you go with printing designs, be advised that different fabrics may have different results. It’s possible that it may look good in one fabric but look bad in another. So, you need to consider this. The best way to deal with the design issue is to have embroidery instead of printing. And if you do want to do it with embroidery, you need to place it on the left chest. No need to go big or do anything fancy. It would be classy and embroidery works well for any fabric. Work with the art designer to come up with the right logo.

Choosing the Right Location

What about the location of the print? When you want to make custom t shirt for the company, at least for business standard, you need to think about the proper placement. It should be the combination for full back and left chest location. The back side often functions as the advertisement, so you don’t want to miss that area.

In some cases, some companies may include embroidered names (for each employer) on the right chest. This creates a personalized touch to the service, while still delivering professional flair to the business.

Choosing the Proper Color

If you deal with a lot of dirty stuff, like grime, grease, and others, you may want to go with darker hues. Bright and light colors will only make those stains apparent, and it may not look professional at all. Moreover, you should also consider whether you need to go with full color images. For example, you may often see this black shirt with white image or white shirt with black image. But what about creating a black shirt with full color image (it has yellow, green, and even red)? Again, what do you want to achieve from such a thing? Do you want to create a simple and professional effect, or do you want to go catchy and bold?


As you can see, there are many things to consider when making a company shirt. You need to plan everything carefully before making the company custom t shirts order.

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