The Different Types of CRM You Must Know About

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications help businesses optimize their sales cycles and marketing strategies, get the best out of analytics and customer-related data to streamline overall productivity.

Businesses across all sectors need a CRM development company to help them develop solid CRM software. CRM software has a myriad of benefits, including better lead management, improved customer service, accurate customer insights, and more conversions.

Owing to custom CRM development, there are different types of CRM available in the market price quote template.

The Types Of CRM

The two primary types of CRM we shall run through in this article are – Sales CRM and Service CRM.

1. Sales CRM

A sales CRM is a tool that allows you to manage interactions with prospects and customers during sales. These interactions could be direct or indirect. The sales CRM tool sorts customer data, sends reminders to help you follow up with the leads you generate, and monitors communication with your prospects.

A sales CRM software helps you with lead nurturing. It automates data entry and administrative tasks, leaving you with enough time to focus on forging a solid relationship with your prospects.

●      Improves Customer Data Accuracy

A sales CRM software helps you in a variety of ways, one of which is sprucing up customer data accuracy. As you know, manually entering data is bound to cause errors at some point or another. Entering inaccurate or incomplete data can cause problems and lead to a lot of time wastage.

A sales CRM software can help you reduce these errors by recording the actions the sales rep takes. These actions could include the sales call, follow-up emails, and so forth.

●      Centralizes Operations

It can be difficult to handle multiple sales-related tasks like cold calls, lead management, prospect research, etc. Managers often find it challenging to track their sales reps and coach them. A centralized system can help streamline all these operations. This is where sales CRM software comes into play.

A sales CRM software serves as a comprehensive solution to handle workflows every day. It integrates all your communication channels and your tools, thus simplifying your daily tasks.

If you are looking to hire a CRM development company, be sure to keep the following requirements in mind:

  • Lead/Account management
  • Order management
  • AI-based Analytics
  • Hierarchical reporting
  • Dashboard

2.     Service CRM

A service CRM software acts as your go-to tool when customers reach out for clarifications and support. The point of using a service CRM is to ensure customer satisfaction. It can be incredibly frustrating for the customer to continually call to get their questions answered. However, with a service CRM in your arsenal, you now have access to your previous interactions with the customer, making it easy to solve their issues.

●      Quick Support

As mentioned, the point of using a CRM tool is to ensure an optimal customer experience, which means the work has to be done efficiently. A service CRM tool allows you to broaden communication channels, making it easy for customers to reach out to you for help at any time.

It also makes it easy for service reps to take care of the customer’s problems by giving them all the information they need about the customer. Chances are customers will come to you with the same problems, which means that solutions for repeated issues can be automated.

●      Real-Time Analytics

CRMs are known to store the data they receive to help provide the best possible customer success experience. Besides identifying pain points, providing real-time support, and automating common tasks to provide solutions to repeated issues, CRMs can retrieve vital information for marketing and sales. Want accurate analytics? Get CRM software.

Summing Up

Besides the benefits mentioned in this article, CRM tools have a myriad of advantages and are ultimately mandatory to ensure the optimal customer experience. The key to the optimal customer experience is personalization, which CRM tools provide in spades. If you want to streamline your daily tasks and operations in the easiest possible way, getting your hands on CRM software may not be a bad idea. You can also seek help from an offshore development center to build custom CRM.

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