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The changing face of retail and tips to convert site visitors to site customers

Over the last 30 or so years, the web, computers and technology have transformed almost all aspects of modern life – so much so that, these days, it’s almost impossible to imagine life without our various gadgets, devices and mobile phones.

However, while the web has undoubtedly changed our lives, it could easily be argued that nowhere has its effects been most keenly felt than in the world of business and commerce. These days, pretty much every company in existence relies on tech and the internet for its everyday operations – everything from simple emailing and web browsing right up to Big Data crunching.

E-commerce – the ultimate game-changer for retail

In line with this almost complete transformation of business has also come the increasing trend for firms to branch into e-commerce. Indeed, the figures for the growth of e-com make for quite startling reading. In 2014, online shopping globally accounted for just $1.3 billion while, by 2024, that figure is expected to tally closer to $6.4 billion.

The growing competition online

While e-commerce has undoubtedly brought massive benefits to firms of all sizes in all sectors, with so many players now in the market – and most vying for the same market share – competition has never been fiercer online to win new clients and retain existing ones. Whether you’re in the Business-2-Business (B2B) or Business-2-Consumer (B2C) sector, it’s now more important than ever to do everything you can to convert visitors to paying customers.

Tried and tested tips to increase e-com retail sales

If you’re finding your site languishing somewhat with poor sales or low conversion rates, below are some tips you could try to increase your Return on Investment (ROI) ratio:

Think like your customers: The web can bring huge advantages to the overall sales process but one area where it undoubtedly falls down is the lack of personal interaction that’s possible with more traditional real-world sales. If you’re to stand any chance of converting your visitors into customers, you’ll need to start thinking like them and prioritizing your content so it’s as easy as possible to find. This applies to both B2C and B2B sites – though perhaps even more so with B2B e-com systems where visitors are far less likely to be just browsing and are more likely to be highly focused on what they’re looking for. Check online for advice on How To Attract B2B Website Visitors And Convert Them To Customers.

Make your site as easy to use as possible: There’s nothing worse than visiting a site only to be faced with a confusing navigation structure, slow-loading pages or disorganized content. You should study your analytics stats to identify potential problems on your pages or exit points where users click away. Also, consider paying a professional firm to perform a full website audit.

The journey from first contact to sale should be as intuitive as possible: In line with the above point about making your site as easy to use as possible, you should also ensure your customers can checkout and pay quickly and easily. In a real-world store, you don’t hunt around for the sales desk – neither should your website visitors.

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