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The Best Marketing Ideas for Mattress Retailers to Quickly Sell Mattress

Mattress retailers employ different techniques to sell their mattresses. Regardless of the advertising channel you use, the most important step to sell a mattress is to identify the target market.

Once you understand the needs of your potential customers, you can easily convince them that your mattress meets their sleep criteria and will help them get a goodnight’s sleep. 

In this article, we will talk about the best advertising ideas to accelerate mattress sales.    

What Are the Available Advertising Channels to Use for Mattress Marketing?

A mattress seller can choose any of the below methods or both to advertise its mattress.

Community Papers

  • Publishing an ad in community newspapers gives an affordable way to target a local market
  • If you target medium class people, place ads related to a discount sale of mattresses in the local newspaper 
  • If you sell luxury and premium mattresses, then publish an ad in community papers that are distributed in neighborhoods with high-income people 

Online Channel

  • Your website can serve as one of the best tools for your mattress promotion
  • You can create a products page wherein you can mention the features of different types of mattresses that you sell
  • Highlight the benefits and pros to make the customer interested in that product

What Things Should A Mattress Promotion Ad Will Include?

What you mention in the ad will decide what type of response you will get from your customers. In other words, your ad will tell whether or not it is successful in creating a positive impact on people.   

  • Your ad should relate to the problem that people face with their mattresses and how your mattress solves it.
  • Describe your extensive selection of mattresses in different brands, sizes, styles, and prices in a catchy way. 
  • Mention financing options to help them buy the top mattresses for a great sleep experience
  • Offer them a money-back guarantee to assure them about the durability of their mattresses.

The Best Marketing Technique to Sell Your Mattress Soon

Here are some of the best advertising methods to stand out in the market and drive more sales to your business. 

Assist your customers

Help your customer locate the desired mattress in the store. Whether they are looking for innerspring, plush, memory foam, or hybrid mattresses, or looking for a particular mattress size, sales executives should guide them through the mattresses available on the sales floor.

Be a good listener

To be able to serve customers better, a sales professional has to listen to their concerns and needs properly. To assess the needs of your customers, a sales professional should figure out their sleeping position and the type of sleep they expect. Based on their answer, he should provide them with the best resolution. 

Sell comfort and not components

A lot of retailers focus on selling their mattresses overselling the sleep performance to the customers. More than just discussing the construction and design of the mattress, they should talk about its features and technologies that would give them a comfortable sleep. 

The salesperson should not go into technicalities when describing a mattress. He should explain the benefits of the technology that would translate into a good sleep. Tell your customers the importance of the different design components of a mattress that provide comfort. 

Later, they can talk about product warranties and financing options to make it more effective. When you talk in terms of what customers look for in a mattress, you are surely going to convince many customers and make more sales.

Give Them a Trial Facility

There is an increasing trend of Try and Buy in the mattress retail sector. Nowadays customers like to test the comfort and quality of the mattress before they put their money into it. So, a business should provide a private place for the customers to try out the mattress. It will help them make a more informed decision.


Mattress retailing has to be a buying experience and not a selling experience. To sell a mattress, a business should acquire knowledge about what its customers expect from a mattress. 

Once you have manufactured the mattress that meets their sleep preferences, use the above ways to effectively promote it. The above ways will help mattress sellers stand out from the competition and connect to their customers in the best way. 

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