The Benefits of Landing Pages

Internet sites are commonly imagined as multi-purposed entities with branches coming from a single point of origin. That point is the home page. We conceptualize it that way because it helps us to create a logical structure for navigation. But in truth every page is its own entity, and it is connected in infinite ways to the overall net. A home page is useful for the sake of an identity and a starting point for navigation. But it must provide access to the whole site. A landing page is removed from site navigation and is designed to generate specific actions.

  • Different Doors: If a website is a shopping mall, the home page is like the information booth. All malls have them because people need information. The information booth needs to remain neutral for the benefit of the whole mall. The info booth serves the entire site. A landing page is like an info booth that only provides the information to encourage a specific action. Suppose the goal is to sell a particular model of a brand of shoes. The landing page will focus on that.
  • Generates Data and Contact Information: One of the most common goals of a landing page is to collect contact information and any other information relevant to the visitors. Because a landing page is designed around a specific item or service, the data collected is of a high value regarding that item or service. High-value data is then used to fine-tune marketing and advertising campaigns. For more about Google Ads click here. The email list created is of high value because it is generated by verified and interested traffic.
  • Temporary and Replaceable: You can only have one home page, but you may have unlimited landing pages. You can have a landing page for whatever service or product you offer. And because the landing page is not part of the site’s functionality. The landing page can vanish and be replaced with more relevant or timely information. When the data from multiple landing pages are combined, the data can become even more valuable because it can reveal hidden trends.
  • Focused Attention: A landing page is a valuable marketing tool because it eliminates distraction and choice. When a customer has too many options, they often wander through the links and get distracted. When this happens, you lose the opportunity to focus attention on the thing you want them to see. It is hard to talk with someone when they are playing with their phone. But if you take the phone away for a minute, you can be sure that they at least can hear you.

A landing page is a convenient way to market very specific things without affecting the navigation of a site. The landing page is not part of site navigation though usually there is a homepage link. But even that is not necessary. Landing pages are about directing the visitor towards a specific action. Most often they are used to generate lists, and compile data for customer profiles. The larger and more complicated a website is, the more necessary it is to create landing pages. 

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