The benefits expected from fish oil vitamins

Among the popularly consumed dietary supplements is omega fish. It is a vital source of Omega 3 acids which would be vital for your health. If you do not consume a lot of fish, then consuming omega 3 oily supplements can be of help.

Fish oil is an   oil which is extracted from the tissues of fish. Mostly it is formed from oily fish but sometimes it may be produced from the   livers of certain type of fishes like cod liver oil. The world health organization suggests the use of 1 to 2 portions of fish every week. A reason for the same is that Omega 3 fatty acids could be a rich source of fatty acids.

30 % of fish oil comprises of omega 3 fatty acids whereas the remaining 70 % would be composed of other fats. A feature is that fish oil is a source of vitamin A and D. It is worth mentioning that the omega 3 found in fish oil is known to possess greater benefits than plant sources. Going one step ahead let us try to understand what are the benefits that can be expected from fish oil.

Heart health enhances

One of the main causes of death worldwide is heart disease. Studies indicate that people who consume a lot of fish has lower chances of a heart disorder. It goes on to enhance the production of good cholesterol and at the same time it is not going to reduce the bad levels of it. Even in small quantities it may reduce blood pressure of people at an elevated level.

It prevents the formation of plaque that prevents the hardening of the arteries. Even it goes on to make the plaque safe in people who possess them.  The use of fish supplements trims down the possibility of heart disease to a considerable extent. Still no clear cut evidence exists that it would prevent heart attacks.

Would treat various mental disorders

The brain is formed of 60 % fat and a major chunk is omega 3 fatty acids. Hence it is essential for proper functioning of the human brain. Some studies suggest that people who have lower levels of Omega 3 fatty acids end up suffering from mental disorders. It is going to reduce the chances of psychiatric disorders for all the people who would be at risk.

Contributes towards weight loss

Obesity means you are having a body mass index of 30 or above. Close to 39 % of the adults are obese and in kids it stands at 13 %. Such numbers tends to be on the higher side in countries like US. The obesity might significantly reduce the possibility of other diseases. Studies indicate if you consume fish oil supplements and follow a healthy diet it can lead to weight loss.

But all the studies is not going to indicate the same effect.

Supports eye health

Pretty much like the brain eyes too tend to rely on Omega 3 fatty acids. Studies indicate people who do not possess omega 3 fatty acids are at a higher risk of eye diseases. Even eye health is known to degrade in the old age that may lead to muscle degradation. If you eat fish it reduces the possibility of AMD though the results on fish oil would be less confusing. A study conducted revealed that consuming fish oil for 19 weeks did improve the eye vision among all patients. But this appears to be a small study.

Reduces inflammation

An inflammation is the way to fight infection or dealing with injuries. The chronic form of inflammation is associated with serious forms of diseases and examples might be in the form of obesity or heart disease. If you reduce inflammation it can help to deal with all such diseases. Some of the fish oil could reduce joint pain or medication in some people that may lead to painful joints.

Leads to a healthy skin

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and is a storehouse of omega 3 fatty acids. Skin health is something that may decrease during the course of your life particularly when it comes to your old age. With the consumption of fish oil supplements a number of skin disorders may be taken care of.

Extends support to your early life and pregnancy

Omega 3 fatty acids is essential during the phase of pregnancy and early development. Hence it is important for a pregnant woman to obtain Omega 3 fatty acids during breastfeeding that is the early stage of pregnancy. It is also known to improve hand eye coordination in infants. But such studies are inconclusive and no evidence is available to substantiate the claim.

Works for the betterment of your mental health

At a certain age in life the function of human brain slows down where the risk of memory loss increases. People who consume a lot of fish experiences less possibility of memory loss at the old age. Though studies have turned out to be inconclusive that consumption of omega 3 fatty acids would be slowing down the function of the human brain. Though some of the studies have gone on to showcase that it is going to enhance memory in older adults.

Improves allergy risk and asthma symptoms

The symptoms of asthma is shortness of breath or swelling in the lungs. This is a disease that is common in infants. Numerous diseases goes on to showcase that consumption of fish oil could reduce the symptoms more in the early stages. The consumption of fish oil in pregnant women is going to reduce the allergies at a considerable level.

To conclude if you are not into consumption of oily fish a couple of times in a week you can opt for a fish oil supplement. Once again you have to keep in mind the dosage based on your health and age. A suggestion is to decrease the dosage if you happen to be  nursing, pregnant or a possibility of heart disease exists.

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