Tankinis: The Perfect Swimsuit for Every Body Type

There are many varieties of swimsuits in the market, and many new trends will come. Some will stay longer, and some will become a permanent style—one such style is the tankini. If you look back to the past, people used to wear swimsuits similar to tankinis, but no one gave it a proper name, or it was never in trend. But lately, this swimsuit type has been getting much attention from women. The ladies love this swimsuit and are wearing it to the beach. 

The swimsuit’s name is a portmanteau of the suffix of bikini and tank of tank top—that’s because the top extends till the navel or just above the navel and top of the hips.

The article talks about the increasing popularity of this swimsuit because of its ability to fit perfectly for any body type. It also has versatility as you can mix and match the top and bottom, making it look like a completely different swimsuit. Unlike bikinis, mixing different tops and bottoms doesn’t look odd when it’s the tankini.

Below are the reasons why this swimsuit is a perfect fit for every body type:

Modest coverage

It has to be the first reason why many women love this swimsuit. This swimsuit offers modest coverage for those who don’t want to expose more skin under the sunlight. If you are not at the beach for the tan, this swimwear is the right choice.

Great for watersports

Whether it’s volleyball, jet skiing, Marco polo, or just swimming, this swimsuit will be perfect for all these sports. When you have supportive and sporty swimwear, you can make all the body movements without the worry of adjusting the swimsuit frequently. 

Great for women of all heights

Are you a petite lady, or are you tall like a supermodel? In both cases, a tankini will fit you well. There are no rules for wearing this swimsuit, and women of various heights can wear this without any doubt. 

This swimsuit will help you enhance your figure, for example, if you wear a bottom with a high cut at the legs. It will give the appearance of you having long legs.

And if you have a longer torso, you don’t need to wear the old-fashioned one-piece; you can wear a tankini top that shows some extra skin in the belly region.

Great for plus-size women

Many plus-size women avoid wearing bikinis and one-piece suits because not many brands make swimsuits for plus-size women. But that’s not the case with tankinis—it fits perfectly on all body shapes, and that include the plus-size women as well. The top, which is more like a half tank top, offers enough support for the bust, and the bottom also supports the tummy control features.

Comfy and easy to wear

This swimsuit is a lot more comfortable and proper fit than the other types. And the tops can do the double-duty of a swimwear top and regular tank top. In case you don’t like carrying clothes with you all the time, you can opt for this swimsuit and walk around the beach, hotel, restaurants, bars, clubs, etc.

There is no other swimsuit that offers the versatility and comfort of tankinis, which is why women prefer this swimsuit. Looking at the present trend, one can say that this swimsuit has been in trend for a long time, and it looks like it will stay for longer. Gradually, it could become one of the standard swimsuits, just like bikini, one-piece swimsuit, and monokini.

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