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Summer 2021 Men’s Style Guide

For some men, the idea of summertime and fashion simply means three months of shorts and sandals. While there’s a common assumption that religiously sticking to trends is equivalent to good dressing, this isn’t entirely the case. A poor fashion style can be as easy as copying every season’s trend, which is also an easy route to bankruptcy.

Your ability to differentiate between fads and future classics is vital for maintaining your fashion pride. But how do you look good even in the blazing summer heat? This style guide should help you with tips on how to look and feel good this summer.


With the preppy style reeling in fashion renaissance in recent months and possibly years, it appears chino shorts have taken another decent turn. Although pastels are hot, you may want to turn away from looking fratty by switching up the colors. Khaki remains a neutral alternative, yet you don’t always need to play it safe. Choosing navy or black shorts can change up your closet. Nothing beats the summer heat better than a comfortable pair of lightweight sweat shorts. However, during the summers, a tattoo which is a popular form of body art, can cause your skin to turn brownish. This is due to melanin pigment stimulation caused by the increased sun UV exposure to the skin. This is why it’s good to know that specialist treatment centers and laser clinics have proven helpful for dealing with such problems.

Fresh Start Laser Clinic is a tattoo removal center based in Austin, Texas, with a team of tattoo removal specialists delivering treatment and services to transform your skin and identity. Like many treatment centers in the U.S, Fresh Start believes that your tattoo may no longer represent what you stand for; therefore, the need to remove tattoos without causing any damage to your skin type is important. In addition, the company offers a free consultation and affordable laser tattoo removal services to help you remove any unwanted tattoo. Irrespective of the type of tattoo, the laser has proven effective for treating tattoos of all colors and regaining a good skin look.


The 1970s return is one of the all-encompassing trends in the last few years, with no indication of easing back down this year. For the summer seasons, florals show themselves as quite wearable. From the Hollywood stars like Tom Ford and James Watkins to the U.S. suburbs, everyone splashes their vacation shirts, shorts, and designer outfits with florals. However, remember to keep it simple—a statement piece per every outfit and ensuring every other piece is nicely muted. Fortunately, there are platforms like Quintessential Man to help style up and look great.

The Quintessential Man offers everything you need for improved looks and better living. The website is dedicated to providing all things gentlemanly—from better and healthier lifestyle tips, fashion tips and news, and the latest accessories like watches to display your manliness. You don’t need to be a George Clooney or a Brad Pitt or Lombardo Boyar from El Paso to have an excellent personal style. Websites like The Q Man should provide enough help to appear unique and classy in all things fashion.


The summer shirt game is tricky. Since it’s warm, you’ll have to keep it light. Get some tees with a bit more substance and keep the designs as minimal as possible. This summer, save yourself the Ed Hardy t-shirts or those with those terrible jokes. Should the situation call for a bit of class like a hang out in the Capitol, or possibly not, long or short sleeve buttons up or polos will be decent. In that case, wear a tailored fit, play with neutral colors, and grab some jeans.

To conclude, there’s no point in getting stressed out with summer fashion. While it’s essential to keep it lightweight and functional, aesthetics do matter but comfort and confidence matter more. So now may well be a good time to try and switch things up in your wardrobe and hit the summer in style.

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