Stories of People Who Won Heaps of Money With Online Casinos

Many people know that you can make real money from playing casino games online but not everyone has heard or seen anybody that has won huge amounts of money from playing casino games online. A lot of people have the “seeing is believing” mentality that’s why in this guide, I’ll be telling you stories of people who have won heaps of money with online casinos.

Katherine’s story

Do you think it’s possible to make money without spending money? To some extent, it’s true that you’ll have to spend money to make money but this was not the case in Katherine’s story. 

Katherine won £1200 in an online casino without spending a dime. Where did she make this money from? She made it by playing free spins at Katherine is a 32-year-old lady from Merseyside whose life turned around the day she decided to visit a site ( that was offering exclusive bonuses and online casino coupons. Upon visiting the site, she logged into her account and then, she started playing Neon Staxx. At the time, they were offering 5 free spins. Luck shone on her and she started winning spin after spin and within a short period, she amassed a good amount which she converted into cash. This time she used her cash earnings to play again, she spun the wheel again and won the £1200 jackpot.

Ashley Revell’s story

Ashley Revell is a British man whose life was changed in 20 seconds. How did it all happen you might wonder? The story goes this way, Ashley was having financial troubles and then decided to play a roulette game. Whether it’s sheer luck or not, he cashed everything he owned and then placed a $136,000 bet on red. 20 seconds later he walked away with $272,000.

The story of the 8-year-old

This is another intriguing online story although it has not been officially confirmed, it’s still worth telling. It’s a story of an 8-year-old boy of Indian origin who was able to beat all the pros in poker and won $500,000 back in 2010.

People who knew the boy said he was a computer genius. Normally, due to online casino rules, he shouldn’t be able to play the game but he was able to play it by using his uncle’s poker account. After beating the pros in the poker room, he went ahead and won the jackpot. 


There you have it! What you have just read now is a few testimonies from people who have actually made huge wins from just playing online casino games. The truth is if you are lucky and diligent enough maybe I might write about your story in a future article.

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