Stop fooling yourself by treating it with drugs

Addiction to drugs has become a serious concern worldwide including in Austin. It can be observed from the drug stats that the use of drugs is been increasing every passing year. Every data narrates that the upcoming year shows more drug usage rates comparative to the last year. Addiction is contributing to the increased death rate as well. The overdose of drugs has killed thousands of individuals around the world. Unfortunately, the arrival of COVID has shown an increase in the usage of the drug. The death rate has also been increased in the pandemic as the hospitals are full of affected patients. In the case of addicts, the virus has increased the chances of liver damage. Unfortunately, the world has experienced a lot of deaths due to this reason. Even after this happened, people associate drug usage with the behavior issue. They consider it as a sign of moral failure. Even though research has proved addiction as a mental disease linked to the brain. We need to work on this stigma that has made the lives of addicts difficult. It has become difficult for the addicts to seek treatment as they fear the comments of the surrounding people. We can explain that how addiction is a brain disease. When a person consumes drugs, his brain functioning changes and he becomes unable to control his impulsive actions. Our actions and behavior are linked to our brain and this function makes addiction a brain disease. We are living in the 21st century and still fighting stigmas. We need to create awareness and make the lives of addicts easy.

In times of COVID, we all should take precautionary measures and try to maintain social distance. The people who can control their addiction with little assistance can opt for Outpatient Drug Treatment Program in such times.  We have variations and types within outpatient treatment like:

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  • Daily Treatment Program

This treatment is also known as Day Program because it involves the patient almost seven days a week. This treatment offers intensive scheduling for the treatment. It includes the addict in the activities designed at rehab. The time duration is a minimum of six hours. The addict goes through various group and single counseling sessions. Families are also called for familial therapies. The activities are designed to cater to the needs of addiction treatment. This method is one level down from residential treatment. Many people take a start of the treatment journey from residential treatment and end up taking outpatient treatment when they feel somewhat recovered.

  • Intensive Program

This program is very flexible. The difference lies in timings. This treatment program is for few hours only. The addict is called to the recovery center for a maximum of 4 days a week. He is asked about this convenience that at what time he is easy to be available for treatment. Some people are free in the morning and some prefer evening time for the treatment. So, as per the addict’s choice, the schedule is made. This treatment is an ideal way of recovering for the people who want treatment while pursuing their work and home activities. Not all people can leave their important tasks for a long time for the sake of treatment. Click Austin IOP for further guidance.

  • Relapse prevention

This type offers the care that is needed when the addict leaves the center after the detox and residential stay. There is still a need to connect with rehab so that the staff can assist the relapse chances after the addict moves back to normal routine life.

Getting drug rehab treatment is never an easy process. Remember you are the one that has to make the decision to get clean. If you are not ready to go, then you are destined to fail. Only the strong willed make it through this process so make sure you also have the will to do so.Read more about f95zone

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