Steps to choosing your perfect wedding invitations

Nothing makes your wedding look more authentic than putting your wedding invitations in a post! Your wedding invitations are your guests’ first impression of your wedding style, and more practically, they will help ensure everyone is on time for the ceremony and reception. So it’s worth taking the time to make sure your wedding invitations reflect your big day and that your wording is absolutely perfect! Deciphering wedding invitation terminology and understanding the ins and outs of wedding invitation etiquette is not the easiest part of wedding planning. Faced with a choice of styles, paper types, formats, and finishing touches, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Choose a wedding theme

Choosing a wedding theme is a great way to inject your own style and personality into your big day. You can decide your theme based on the style of the venue, or you may want to have your wedding centered on your shared interests as a couple. Whether you see yourself as a fairytale bride or a boho bride, take the time to browse wedding invitation card designs online to learn which type fits your style and theme. A good place to start is to set up a pinterest board to keep track of your thoughts, search for key terms related to your topic, and build on the thoughts of other brides and grooms.

Choosing a wedding color scheme

If you’ve grown up dreaming about your big day and have been waiting for him to ask questions, you probably already have a color scheme in mind before you start looking for wedding stationery. Otherwise, it’s best to start discussing this as a couple early in the planning phase. The colors and shades of your desired color scheme can form the basis of your wedding invitation design. Narrow down your selection of wedding invitations using the color filters typically available in online catalogs.

Keep in mind that the color of some designs can be adjusted to suit your needs, so feel free to ask your stationery supplier before ruling out a design that doesn’t have the exact blush pink or navy blue you’re looking for. Atelier rosewood actually offers custom color options in some of their most popular designs, allowing your wedding invitations to perfectly match the color palette of your choice!

Get inspired by your venue

If you’re wedding theme and color scheme don’t give you enough wedding stationery inspiration, then take a look at your venue to help determine the style of your invitations. Given that your invitations are the first look at your wedding, you can use them to give your guests a sneak peek at your venue!

Each invitation design can reflect a specific atmosphere. Embrace the defining character of the site and consider the color and style of the decor. Minimalist invitations are perfect for a clean industrial setting like a warehouse space or a brewery, while rustic wedding invitations with floral designs are perfect for a rustic wedding.

Think about the seasons

Inspiration may also come from the time of year when you’re getting married. Many wedding venues change with the seasons, and from the heights of spring to the depths of winter, a rustic venue feels completely different. Bright colors and floral wedding invitations are perfect for a spring or summer wedding, while cool colors and festive patterns will evoke the joy of your winter celebrations!

Try wedding invitation samples

Not sure where to start when looking for wedding invitations that match your wedding vision? Order wedding invitation samples from various companies and stationery designers to get a feel for the different options; including paper types, printing techniques and formats! Atelier rose mood even offers personalized samples so you can try out your favorite print designs!

Keep your wedding budget in mind

Every penny counts when it comes to your wedding budget, and the cost of wedding stationery can add up quickly, so keep your budget in mind when choosing your invitations and are aware of any hidden extras. One thing some brides and grooms forget when planning their budget is that you should count one invitation per family, not one per person! Prices will vary based on the paper type and format you choose, and custom watercolor invitations designed to your exact specifications will cost more than designs that can be personalized online.

Make your date straightforward

Having important dates on hand will help you decide when to send your wedding invitations and make sure you include important information in your invitations. Aim to send out wedding invitations about three to four months before the big day, and if you’re hosting a destination wedding, allow more time for which your guests will need to arrange flights and accommodation. Ask your wedding stationery supplier how long it takes to print and send wedding invitations so you have plenty of time!

Find the perfect wedding invitation wording

Finding your wedding invitation design can be as simple as falling in love at first sight, but it still requires you to craft the wording of your wedding invitation. Your wedding invitation wording sets the tone for your big day and lets your guests know if they are attending a more formal or more relaxed wedding. A simple wording change can transform the same wedding invitation design from a classic country house wedding to a stylish tipi wedding or from a day to an evening invitation.

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