Sleeping Positions: What should you know?

If you feel that you stay tired throughout the day, you may need to work on your sleeping hours. Come on, if you do not get a good night sleep, it may become challenging for you to get through your days in an energetic and productive manner.

It is time that you choose the right things , which side is best to sleep ? Once you work on how you sleep, and which postures you choose; you can make sure that you improve your sleeping. Here are some points that would compel you to work on your sleeping positions. After all, embracing the right position would not harm you.

Does sleeping position actually impact your sleep?

Most of the people in the present time settle into their bed in the absence of giving any second thought to how they are actually positioned. It is such a random routine habit that many people do not really consider the health impacts of sleeping one way or that of another. But you know what, both doctors and sleeping researchers say that the position in which you sleep makes a great difference for your sleep and health. If you sleep on your stomach, that of back or even that of side, it may make a difference in the shape of snoring, neck and back pain, and other sort of medical conditions.  It might interest you that most of the people do sleep on the side or back and the tiniest percentage of folk’s sleep in a tummy position.

Sleeping on your tummy is the worst

In case you love to sleep face down, you actually are not alone, but you do are in the marginal.  The point is having your head raised on your pillow, it may actually be challenging to keep your spine in a neutral position. Sleeping on your stomach places a lot of strain on your back and neck. With the middle or core of your body being the heaviest area, it triggers the spine to arch over.

Gradually this can head to pain and nerve problems. You could notice numbness or even a tingling type of sensation in your extremities. Other than this, turning the head to a side when lying down can restrict blood circulation and even lessen the size of overall airway. So, make sure that you change your sleeping position if you are in this category.

Sleeping on your back is better

The supine or flat position is the second commonest sleeping position. Sleeping having your back flat on the bed allows the spine to remain in a more natural position. This averts some of the neck, shoulder and even that of back pain experienced with other type of postures. By uplifting the head with a pillow, it may even be assistive in reducing problems linked to acid reflux.

However, keep in mind that this is the position that worsens snoring and obstructive sleep pane. It is simply for the reason, as the tongue as well as soft tissues in the throat stay relax, gravity will push them down into the airway. In case you have been identified with this sleep disorder, you must speak with a doctor about how you can modify your sleeping habits.


So, the the best books to read for beginners that can induce sleep. But you actually know now about the worst one to be avoided!

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