Sleeping Positions: Choosing the Best Mattress for Your Sleep Position

When we were kids, we used to go to sleep anytime, anywhere, and in any position. Also, the new moms remain so sleep-deprived that they can go to sleep anywhere and anytime. You can catch the new moms dozing off at random places. Normally, when people go to sleep they retreat to the bed in a particular position to sleep. The position for sleeping may be different for everyone and the position of sleep tells a lot about their personality. Each position expects something different from the mattress. Most people buy a mattress based on their reviews but if the mattress does not fulfill their demands and needs then the purchase would be a regretful one.

It has been found out that there are eight sleeping positions in total and are divided into three categories. The side, the stomach, and the back. These positions have their own merits and demerits and require some unique types of mattresses. Once it was considered that sleeping on the back is good for health and posture but this theory has been negated by the experts. Specialists today suggest that each sleeping position reveals a personality type of the people.

Below we shall discuss the types of sleepers and the queen mattress suggested for them.

Side Sleepers:

The side sleepers enjoy sleeping in the fetal position with their legs and arms bent towards the body and the spine in a curved position. This position is considered the most common of the sleeping positions and can cause back pain and other back problems. Though this theory is true, a good mattress can solve any issue.

Along with the fetal position, there is also the log position that comes in the category of side sleeping. Log sleeper is someone who sleeps on their side and their arms and legs remain straight like a log. There is the yearner position in this category where the legs are kept straight but the back is slightly curved and the arms are placed in the front.

There is difficulty breathing in the fetal position and there is a lot of pressure on the back and the neck. The log position is easy on the back but it is said that sleeping in this position causes skin aging. In the yearner position, much pressure is applied on the nerves and the blood flow is restricted in the arms and shoulders. Also sleeping on the right side can cause strain to the liver, lungs, and stomach.

Mattress Considerations for the Side Sleepers

In a statistical report, it has been shown that most people prefer sleeping in the fetal position. The fetal position is much curvier and therefore pressure relief is of much importance for the sleepers of this position. You would not want your shoulders and hips to take away the strain every day for long hours. When you sleep on your side, there are gaps formed between the body and the mattress. You need a mattress that would fill the gap beneath and spread your body weight more evenly so that the pressure points do not get hurt.

You would need a soft comfort layer to allow your body to sink into the mattress. The average side sleeper would need a comfort layer of about 3 inches thick. Without a proper mattress, the side sleepers can experience soreness, numbness, and redness in parts of their body. Also, without a quality mattress, they would not be able to sleep properly which in turn would only affect their physical and mental health. Therefore, the side sleepers only need a proper mattress and you can keep sleeping in your position without any issues.

Back Sleepers:

It is known to all that sleeping on the back with the arms at the sides is the best position. This position used to be recommended by the doctors and our parents as well. Many people find this position comfortable but for that, you also need to sleep on the mattress that is specially designed for this position. It is also to be noted that sleeping in this position also causes snoring and sleep apnea.

Another very popular back position is the starfish position. This position is great for the back and in this position, the arms are being up and around the pillow. This causes much pressure on the shoulders and thus causes pain.

Mattress Considerations for the Back Sleepers

Whenever you sleep on the back, there is a gap that is formed in the lumbar area. This area is an important part of the body that needs much support. But the support need not be as comfy as what the side sleepers need. For those who sleep on their back, a thinner layer on the top would do the suit. According to review records, most back sleepers prefer sleeping on a layer that is only 2 inches deep.

Stomach Sleepers:

These types of sleepers sleep on their stomach and this position can help in controlling snoring issues. But compared to one advantage, this position has many disadvantages too. But with the right mattress, you can minimize the ill effects of sleeping in this position.

While you are sleeping on your stomach, you need to turn your head to either side to breathe. This causes a strain on the neck. And if you are using a pillow then your back is also slightly bent and can cause tremendous back pain.

Mattress Considerations for the Stomach Sleepers

For the stomach sleepers, firm and thin comfort layers are perfect for providing support to the spine. Too hard or too soft surfaces are not suggested. Some of the bony areas can be provided with softness but the rest surface should be firm to avoid the unnatural backwardness of the spine.

So, these are some of the common sleeping positions and the types of mattresses one should use. You can arrange your bed and mattresses according to your choice or you can hire a seasoned interior designer to design for you your luxury bedroom that would have all your essentials and necessities. Your designer would take care of all the modern amenities including the mattress of your comfort and turn your house into the way you want to.


Your sleeping position decides which mattress would comfort you. The right mattress would take care of your necessities and provide you support in the deeper layer and keep your spine in place.

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