Simple methods of untangling a chainsaw chain

A chainsaw is nothing but a powerful instrument that can swiftly sever tree trunks and branches. A chainsaw chain does not have a blade but rather a collection of sharp teeth. There are times when the chain gets all tangled up while storing it, and then it is a hassle to untangle it. But with the help of correct ways, even a novice could handle an unpleasant tangling scenario.

Prerequisites to the untangling process:-

First and foremost, while working with chainsaws, make sure to be safe. So, before you begin, locate a table or bench on which to rest the chainsaw. Avoid utilizing a table that is readily scratched. To avoid toppling, make sure the table is sturdy. Keep in mind that all chainsaw chains have a succession of tiny blades. It can be difficult to handle them without getting hurt, especially if you have a fresh, razor-sharp saw. To avoid wounds or snags, we recommend that you protect your hands with gloves. With the right tips and tricks, you can always get through your way on how to untangle a chainsaw chain.

Next on, check whether the chain is new or old, as in some cases, even the new ones end up tangling. So, in some cases, Allen wrenches and even screwdrivers may be required. These might be used to remove the chain or chainsaw housing. Verify that the chain is free of any muck or debris since a filthy chain might have been the cause of the first knot. And if you notice any, you may use lubricating oil to remove any rust or muck.

The process of untangling:-

Once the chain is loosened up a bit after lubricating, move to the next step. At the ends of the chain, find two loops and grasp them with each hand. Keep the loops on the opposite ends of the tangled chain as much as possible. Try to expand the diameter up to 3 inches width of the loops while holding them in your hands. Your following step will be easier if you have two smaller loops and a longer loop.

Raise the chain straight up in the air while still holding the loops in place. Gravity will cause the chain’s lowest link to fall. If the chain slips through the loops, it will untangle itself. If the chain is not completely untangled after the first attempt, you can continue the procedure until it is. Once you become good at it, you will not have to stress out thinking about how to untangle a chainsaw chain.

How to prevent a chainsaw chain from tangling:-

Usually, the best chains don’t end up tangling, but sometimes it might surprise you. To maintain your chainsaw chain, keep it clean, lubricated, and sharpened. If you take good care of your chain, you may be able to avoid a tangle altogether.


You must be careful when handling saw chains if there is an entanglement present. To get the task done, you’ll need to be a little patient and follow the simple steps mentioned above how to untangle a chainsaw chain.

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