Scope And Limitations Of Treatment With Clear Aligners

As there are different types of braces treatment options available, it can be difficult for a candidate to make the choice for it. Braces treatments are used for treating different types of teeth misalignment problems. They treat teeth misalignment problems like underbite, overbite, crossbite, the gap between teeth, etc. Different types of braces treatment options are Metal braces, Ceramic braces, Lingual braces, and Clear Aligners. Although there are several of these options, there is a growing trend of using clear aligners. The clear plastic teeth aligners treatment provided more comfort during the entire treatment process. So, many people are looking find clear aligners dental clinic near them where they can get the proper clear aligners treatment. Welcome to Our Dentist Office in Mercer Island click here:

What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are the alternative for the traditional metal braces which do the treatment of teeth straightening. They are made of the FDA cleared plastic tray which is made as per the teeth structure and the desired movement of teeth in a specific direction. Clear plastic teeth aligners are transparent that makes it difficult to easily notice while opening the mouth and they can be removed nicely.

Although many people seeking the treatment are busy to find clear aligners dental clinic for proper clear aligners treatment, they even want to know more about it. Here, we will look in detail scope and some limitations of the clear aligners treatment.

What is the scope of the clear aligner treatment?

Clear aligner treatment is very effective for treatment of the teeth misalignment problem.

Here is the scope of the clear plastic teeth aligners:

1. Ability to treat complex teeth misalignment

Clear aligners have the ability to treat complex teeth misalignment problems. The FDA-cleared plastic trays are moulded in such a way that they act collectively on the teeth to move the teeth in a specific direction. They can treat several teeth misalignment problems like underbite, overbite, crossbite, teeth crowding, teeth gap, etc. They can treat all these teeth misalignment problems easily.

2. Smiling confidence during the treatment process

As clear aligners are transparent, a person no more has to hide their smile. The clear aligners will not be visible to other people. This can give better confidence to the individual to smile confidently during the treatment process.

3. Comfort during the treatment process

As the clear braces can be removed easily by the candidate, they can feel more comfortable. They will get more options to eat different food items which can make them more comfortable. A person can also clean the aligners and brush teeth properly, which can minimize the chances of teeth decay.

4. They can give faster results

Clear aligners used newer methods of technology which can help to achieve faster results. A candidate will have to have a lesser visits to the Orthodontist compared to the other treatment options. It is easier to get faster results with the clear aligner treatment.

What are the limitations of the cleat aligners treatment?

There are fewer limitations too for the clear aligner treatment.

Here is the list of limitations for the clear aligner treatment:

1. Consistently putting the braces

Although braces can be removed when needed, it is important that it remains in the mouth for maximum duration. This duration would be a minimum of 22 hours a day. This will ensure that the treatment process is in progress and gives effective results.

2. Not possible in extremely complex cases

Although clear braces can treat some of the complex cases, they cannot treat some of the extremely complex cases. For these complex cases, it is important to use traditional metal braces.

These are some of the scope and limitations of the clear braces treatment. It is also important to follow proper guidelines during the treatment process of clear braces. In many cases, retainers are provided by the candidate to hold teeth in the proper position. Find clear aligners dental clinic suitable for you for treating the teeth misalignment problem. Despite the high cost, clear aligners have a nice scope of giving better results of teeth straightening. SDalign is custom-made clear braces that have excellent features. They can give better results of the proper teeth alignment. Get a consultation from the expert Orthodontist for clear braces treatment to achieve better teeth alignment.

Expert Opinion:

You can get better treatment with clear braces with a huge scope of better treatment. Clear braces provide greater comfort during the entire treatment process.

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