Role of teachers in Counselling

Teacher’s Role in Guidance and Counseling

Is it possible for a teacher to take on the role of a counsellor? Why not, after all?

Only the teachers have the power to shape the lives of their students. In this respect, their function is critical since they have a greater understanding of a student’s strengths and weaknesses, which can assist them in identifying possible personality changes. Teachers are unique! They are just not providing you with academic knowledge of how to sell online courses or how to become like your mentor.They also have a really helpful attitude and are willing to listen to their pupils’ difficulties. The best teachers are those who can take on the role of guidance and counsellor in order to improve a student’s whole personality. They can assist them in initiating talks and allowing children to express their concerns and worries. For pupils, the job of a teacher as a counsellor or one who provides direction is far more important.

The following are some of the most essential methods that a counsellor can use to provide effective counselling to students in schools: –

  • Assist them. Dealing with both psychological and societal difficulties. School counsellors are eager to assist pupils in the most effective way possible. They can provide them with sexual education, harassment information, or reserach- oriented seminars.
  • Managing Any Type of Conflict

Counselors in schools Assist the kids in resolving any conflicts that may arise. Students need somebody to advise them in these situations since any conflict between them and their families, peers, or teachers is significant to them.

  • Managing kids with specific needs

School counsellors should pay more attention to special needs pupils, acknowledging their needs and assisting them in coping.

  • Student’s careers are shaped by Occupational Guidance School Counsellors. They know everything about a pupil, which allows them to understand both their talents and flaws. Because they are aware of their hobbies, they can assist them in selecting the finest institution and profession for them based on their preferences. Yes, no matter if your hobby is growing plants or about understanding how to create online courses. They are the most qualified individuals to provide career counselling to students and assist them in becoming better professionals in life.
  • Intervention in the Early Stages

School counsellors are highly trained specialists who understand how to provide effective counselling to pupils. They receive training on how to deal with psychological issues as well as learning difficulties that are frequent among children and adolescents.They also offer advice, recommendations, and training to parents who are concerned about their children’s mental health.

How can teachers serve as counsellors for students?

1) Establish a rapport

They can establish a nice connection with the pupils by having them feel at ease and then begin conversing with them. Educators should persuade pupils that they are speaking with someone reliable who can readily resolve their problems.

2) Allow students to express themselves.

Pupils’ self-confidence should be developed by instructors so that they can share their anxieties and concerns in front of him. A teacher should listen to a student’s challenges and issues and help him overcome them by providing appropriate solutions.

3) Keep your information private.

An instructor should be someone you can trust! The person in whom learners can put their trust. And he will gain trustworthiness if he maintains the secrecy of issues concerning a certain student. When a kid gains trust in his instructor, he will come forward with his problems.

4) Sustaining Psychological Stability

The educator, in his position as a counsellor, must preserve emotional constancy in both his emotions and his thoughts. Regardless of whether the instructor is in a good or negative mental condition, they should always aid the pupils who come to him.

5) Learn to be nonjudgmental.

A teacher should empathise with the student and be concerned about his well-being. He must stop him from being a pampered youngster by guiding him with love and without being judgmental of him.

To sum up, we can better appreciate the importance of counsellors in today’s school, not only in terms of education but also in terms of a child’s overall personality.

If a youngster is experiencing a problem and is unable to convey his feelings to his parents or friends, he can open up to the counsellors, who are always willing to assist him. Counselors should also step forward to develop new ways for improved counselling of pupils. They must figure out the future learning history and everything that surrounds him in order to correctly assess his problem and solve it. Once the counsellor understands the child’s best interest, history, and society, he will be able to effectively advise him and encourage him in his professional and personal development.

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