Road Trips to Unexplored Places in Rajasthan

Rajasthan literally means “land of the kings”, and it’s a description of a state with regal traditions and a culture that are as alive today as they were years ago. It is easy to travel back to a bygone era just by visiting Jaipur, the capital. This is a constant element in Rajasthan. The state is a haven for tourists from all over the globe, but there are also some hidden tourist spots in Rajasthan that are not well-known to the general public. Let us show you some of the most popular tourist destinations in Rajasthan that have been overlooked by the tourist crowd that you should definitely include in your Rajasthan Travel Package.

10 Unexplored Places in Rajasthan

  1. Osian

You will need to travel 65km from Jodhpur to reach Osian. It is home to Jain and Hindu temples. The Silk Route was a major trade route, and the town rose to prominence between the 8th and the 12th centuries AD. During the GurjaraPratihara dynasty, Osian was also a major pilgrimage site. Osian is also a popular pilgrimage spot for the Oswal Jain community. However, you can only see the ruins and shrines of the temples and shrines. Sachiya Mata Temple is the main attraction in Osian. It is also known as Osian Mata Temple. Every history buff should see the intricate architecture and carvings of these temples.

The best time to travel is November through March.

  1. Kuchaman City

Kuchaman is the largest city in Rajasthan. Kuchaman Fort is one of the most hidden forts found in Rajasthan. This fort was used to film a few Bollywood movies. It is situated at the top 1000 foot high cliff and was built by the GurjaraPratihara Kings. It has been converted into a heritage hotel. The vibrant bazaar underneath the fort is a great place to shop for handicrafts and fabrics. Other tourist attractions in Kuchaman City are MeeraMahal and JalMahal. LokDev Temple, Ganesh Dungri, and LokDev Temple are also available.

The best time to travel is From October to February.

  1. Rusirani Village

Rusirani village is located in close proximity to Jaipur and offers a unique opportunity to experience the Rajasthani culture. This is a great place to start your journey to unexplored areas in Rajasthan. You can also visit the Abhaneri stepwell once you’re there. You will be able to experience the rural culture and traditions of the state through the Rusirani village’s green fields and attractive old temples.

The best time to travel is September through November.

  1. Bhangar Fort

You must visit Bhangarh Fort if you’re on a road trip to explore Rajasthan. It will add some spooky to your journey. It is a fascinating fort that attracts many visitors. Madho Singh was the brother Raja Man Singh’s host at the fort. It is a beautiful place, but it is also one of the most haunted spots in the country. According to the law in the area, the fort’s opening and closing times are between sunset and dawn. During their visit to the fort, some visitors claimed to have heard strange sounds or even noises as they approached the walls.

The best time to travel is any time of the year.

  1. Kuldhara

It can be a great feeling to wander around abandoned villages. Kuldhara is a great place to experience the same feeling. This is one of Rajasthan’s most unusual tourist spots. It was established in the 13 th century, and it was impeded by Paliwal Brahmins. It was abandoned in 19 th century and is still in its original condition. If you plan to take your car, there is an INR 50 entry fee.

The best time to travel is from October through March.

  1. Kheechan

Kheechan will be encountered on the way from Bikaner to Jaisalmer. Kheechan is located in the village. The area surrounding it has been turned into a bird sanctuary. You can spot not only birds but also explore the village.

The best time to travel is September through March.

  1. Khandi

Khandi, one of the most beautiful places in Rajasthan to explore by road, is something you will love. You will find the fascinating attraction at Mihir Garh Fort. This castle was built in the middle ages and is located in a desert territory. It is a unique experience to see the sunset from the balcony that you can review.

The best time to travel is from October through March.

  1. Barmer

Barmer is a hidden gem in the desert state. These mud houses are stunning, especially at night when the village lights up.

The best time to travel is November through February.

  1. Jawai Leopard Camp

Jawai Leopard Camp is a great place to go if you love wildlife and want to see leopards in their natural habitat. Here you can camp and enjoy stargazing.

The best time to travel is from October through April.

  1. Rawla Narlai

RawlaNarlai is a place where you can see elephants walking, horse riding and even a candle-lite dinner.

The best time to travel is from October through March.

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