Responding to an HOA violation letter in Phoenix

Being a part of an HOA is sure a good thing until they send you a violation letter for breaking one of the rules. Even if you feel that you did nothing wrong, you have to take steps to correct your mistake. Phoenix HOA management companies can help you avoid these issues. 

Every HOA has a set of rules that all the members are required to follow. These rules were set up to maintain the safety, cleanliness, and value of the community. When there is a breach, they send a letter to the respective individual explaining what they did wrong and how to fix it.

These letters are sent to you only to maintain the rules of the HOA. They are not meant to scare you. Nobody will kick you out of your property for breaking one rule. 

To check if what you have done is breaking a rule, you can go through your HOA’s set of rules. Here are a few standard HOA rules.

  1. No loud noise after a particular hour
  2. Limitations on lawn decorations
  3. Parking rules
  4. Rules for taking out the trash
  5. Pet rules

How to respond to the violation letter:

Most associations first send a warning letter. If you repeat your mistakes or ignore the letters, then they send you a violation letter. If you think you did not do anything wrong, do not ignore the letter as it can have serious consequences. So, it’s recommended to check the rules of an HOA before you decide to move there. 

Here’s how you can respond to a violation letter.

  1. Read the violation letter carefully: The first thing you should do is go through the letter word by word and check whether what you have done is breaking the rules. If not, then you have a strong case. You are only required to abide by the rules that are written. 
  2. Send a response: The letter, along with your violation, will contain information about how you can fix it. When writing a response, tell them that you’ve agreed to take the necessary steps and fix your mistake. You can send the response via offline or online mail. 
  3. Attend the hearing: The board will notify you beforehand about a hearing date. Attending this is crucial because if you think you haven’t done anything wrong, you can create a case against them. It is suggested to prepare yourself properly before the hearing. 
  4. Appeal: If your case gets rejected during the hearing, you may be allowed to appeal. 

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