Rent car in Tbilisi and explore Georgia

The coziest and beautiful city of Tbilisi is located in the heart of an ancient and mysterious country of Georgia. Centuries-old culture and religion of different people have taken roots in this place for many years. The city has suffered a lot of destructions during its existence, survived various wars, but even after that it remains the brightest and most majestic. A huge number of great sights, architectural monuments and various interesting places can be seen in Tbilisi.

Rent a car in Tbilisi

To move around this town I can suggest to rent car in Tbilisi at GSS Car Rental company. They really care of their customers, have reliable, clean vehicles and the prices are affordable. Nowadays, the city is growing and thriving to the delight of not only local residents, but also guests of the city. Here are some of the main places that tourists might like to visit, the ones that arouse an interest and admiration.

Peace Bridge

A pedestrian bridge in Tbilisi runs across the Kura River. It offers a very exciting sight for the whole city. Guests of the city and locals love to visit this place very much, because you can see the whole city in the palm of your hand from here. The construction of the bridge is made in an interesting style and somewhat resembles a turtle shell. In the evening and at night, a large crowd of people gathers on it, since at this time the view is most colorful and mysterious.

As in every city, Tbilisi has its own main square. Once its decoration and symbolism was Lenin. Now, after the changes have come, a monument to George the Victorious was erected at this place. There are always a lot of people here, they walk around the square and tourists take pictures of Tbilisi. All city and state holidays, as a rule, also take place here.

Shota Rustaveli Avenue

Practically every city in the world has its own famous streets and avenues. In Tbilisi, Shota Rustaveli Avenue is the widest and brightest avenue of the city. It starts from Freedom Square and ends at the Rose Revolution Square. Along the entire length of the avenue, you can find many interesting places and sights of the city. Tourists often visit this place and love it because you can see almost all the main famous places of this city walking along.

Parliament Building

This place is famous for many events that took place near this building. Revolutions, rallies, strikes, all this is connected with the parliament of the city. A large monumental building stands out a little among the others, it is well emphasized by the fountain located near it. It will be interesting for tourists to visit this place and learn a lot of interesting things here.

National Museum of Georgia

The museum has preserved many ethnic exhibits that conquer with their history and antiquity. It also houses a gold collection of coins and jewelry from ancient Georgia. Most visitors of the city like to visit this place because here you can see the exhibits and relics belonging to ancient Colchis.

Old Tbilisi

In this large and beautiful city, there is still a small old district with the name “old town”. Locals are accustomed to the houses here and do not find anything remarkable and interesting to them, but it will be very interesting for guests of the city to visit old Tbilisi. Everything here preserves the memory of the times when small and ancient buildings had their own value. The old city was erected in the twelfth century, and is able to tell a lot of fascinating and interesting stories.

Moving around the city is much more comfortable by your own vehicle, I recommend to rent car in Tbilisi rather than using public transport to save your time.

Botanical Garden

Lovers of natural beauty can take a walk through Tbilisi Botanical Garden. A huge number of rare plants and trees are collected here. Beautifully and tastefully maintained territory of the garden allows you to walk here for hours.

Previously, the royal garden was located on this place, since then a lot of water has flowed away, but trees and plants are growing to this day. It is transformed, renovated and growing, thanks to the local authorities.

Metekhi Church of the Mother of God

This ancient temple attracts attention with its majestic and beautiful view. It was erected in the 12th century and since then has suffered lot of destructions and troubles. You can find a white-stone building made of brick of the seventeenth century here. Guests of the city will be able to appreciate this place, many pilgrims come to the temple to pray.


This district of Tbilisi is the oldest. Metekhi fortress was built during the reign of the tsars. This citadel stands belligerently on a hill. The very first settlements in Georgia began from this place. It will be very interesting for the tourists to look at the old buildings.

Narikala Fortress

This place is considered the heart and soul of this city. The famous and most ancient monument of antiquity welcomes many guests of the capital of Georgia every day. This fortress stands on the very crest of the mountain. You can see all the surroundings of the city and enjoy magnificent views from here.

There are a lot of places to visit in the town and if you rent car in Tbilisi you will be able to see the landmarks any time you like, so just do it and start exploring this beautiful city.

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