Red Shield Administration Compares Vehicle Protection Plans

The confusion between car manufacturer warranties and vehicle protection plans is a problem for many drivers. Red Shield Administration understands this very well, as they’ve been working to provide quality vehicle protection plans for customers for many years.

Perhaps what makes it most confusing is that there are some similarities between the two. They both act as coverage for vehicles that ensure drivers don’t have to pay huge surprise costs. However, understanding why there is a need to have both can save drivers a lot of money each year if they plan correctly.

Manufacturer Warranties

A manufacturer warranty, by default, comes with every new car purchase. The length of the manufacturer’s warranty depends on the manufacturer. Some companies try to entice shoppers with a very long manufacturer warranty, hoping to give them more peace of mind making a brand new purchase. Read More about hub4u click here cinewap Visit here viewster

Even certified pre-owned vehicles will come with a limited manufacturer warranty. These manufacturing warranties mean that the automaker is guaranteeing that the car is free of any type of defects.

If something does go wrong with components under coverage, they will do a complete repair or replacement if necessary. It’s a bumper-to-bumper manufacturer’s warranty in most cases, covering stuff under the hood and other major components. A powertrain warranty is what people should look for with significant components, as it covers the engine and the transmission.

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A standard manufacturer’s warranty does have limits, as it expires either after a set amount of time or a set amount of miles driven. There are ways to purchase an extended manufacturer’s warranty through a third party or the manufacturer itself.

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Vehicle Protection Plan

A vehicle protection plan acts as a way to provide an extra amount of coverage on some of the most vulnerable areas of a car. Insurance covers accidents, and the manufacturer’s warranties will cover parts that shouldn’t go badly—leaving the cost of some of the more routine maintenance to the driver. 

There are different vehicle protection plans that all work a little bit differently for drivers. Some will be able to get full coverage on the entire car so that virtually everything is covered. Others will just want to go with some light coverage with their vehicle protection plan so that a few problematic areas receive coverage.

It’s recommended to get a vehicle protection plan on a car from the very beginning. However, there is the option of adding a vehicle protection plan later on as the car starts to age.

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Red Shield Administration knows that people usually want to have as much flexibility as possible with a vehicle protection plan. That’s why they offer the same flexibility that other leading companies provide. 

This includes flexible options for where a repair gets done and what is covered—eliminating the chances of having repeat coverage from another policy.

Shopping Tips for a Vehicle Protection Plan

A picture of a woman driving a car that is protected by a Red Shield Administration vehicle protection plan.

When purchasing a vehicle protection plan, there are some shopping tips to keep in mind. Red Shield Administration offers some of the best perks out there, and they are consistently at the top of the list for consideration. Here is a list of some perks provided by a Red Shield Administration vehicle protection plan. 

Transferable Plans

Having a transferable plan comes in handy whenever it’s time to sell a car. Instead of canceling a plan for a brand new one, it’s easier to transition to another car. This ensures that a driver also gets their money’s worth.

Car Maintenance Location

Nobody wants to figure out the logistics of taking a car to a repair shop that is very far away. It’s better to have as much flexibility as possible on maintenance locations. This gives customers peace of mind, working with repair shops they already know and trust. 

Deductible Fine Print

There’s a difference between a per visit deductible and a repair deductible. If it’s per repair, a single visit can be costly. It’s better to get a per visit deductible if premiums are reasonable.

Opportunistic Scamming

Unfortunately, vehicle protection plans have turned into an easy way for some scammers to pull a fast one on consumers. Make sure to do proper research on any company before working with them. If they don’t have positive reviews online and experience, it’s better to go with a more trusted company.

Should a Person Spend Money on a Vehicle Protection Plan?

There’s always a debate about whether or not someone should purchase a vehicle protection plan. Using it just once can make it worthwhile, so it’s commonly recommended these days. 

A vehicle protection plan ensures that there will never be another huge unexpected car bill. If something goes wrong with the car, it’s covered by all the different policies.

Some people believe that they don’t need a vehicle protection plan on a brand new car. But, there are advantages to getting one right away, including a lower premium in most cases. There’s also plenty that can go wrong with any vehicle, not to mention that it still needs regular maintenance.

Red Shield Administration is one of the leaders in vehicle protection plans online. They are a company that loves offering different options so that people can stay within their price range. Most people don’t want to spend more money monthly to protect their car, but the right rate could convince drivers to make the move. 

Have questions about how vehicle protection plans work? Unsure if it’s the perfect fit? Red Shield Administration is ready to help out with these questions and more. 

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