Rebranding of logos in 2022

Rebranding is the process of altering the brand’s logo or reviving the appearance of packaging or the image of the business. These kinds of marketing tools influence the perception of consumers about the brand. Rebranding is a way to boost your revenue, make yourself more trustworthy and appealing to new and existing customers, and open up the new realm of regional growth. The primary goal of rebranding is to create an entirely new perception to the customer regarding the company.

The purpose behind changing the brand name

It is said that rebranding is a widely-known marketing tool that can render the leader inaccessible and the one who pursues them. However, there’s a major drawback. Rebranding, which falls into the category of”marketing tools”>> is among the most challenging to control and manage and requires a balanced set of decisions and coordinated effort by all members of the team.

The phrase “company rebranding”isn’t something that surprises anyone living in the present. A typical consumer doesn’t find anything unusual in changing the appearance or the logo of a business. Furthermore the consumer considers it to be an inefficient use of resources. Most often, rebranding is only seen from the outside.

  • the fonts used in the update
  • The color scheme;
  • And so on.

Motives to rebrand

Rebranding can be done in three scenarios:

If a brand is purchased by an owner with his own goals, attitudes, and beliefs. They may take over the image that the acquired business already had. In other cases, the new owner could modify the entire brand.

If the owner is still there however the name is not popular anymore or is deemed unacceptable to the intended audience.

The third kind of rebranding application can be found when the company is aware of changes in the perception of consumers and the competitive landscape, alters the audience it is targeting, and changes the positioning, and as a result changes its logo design,, the communication style, messaging.

The companies in the third group typically manage their businesses with an eye on the future, and are careful to ensure that the past successes don’t become chains. Rebranding is used as an all-encompassing method of marketing renewal for their brand.

Rebranding can help you take an important leap in terms of quality and eludes your competitors. However, the reverse can be the case. If brands aren’t aware, they opt to change their brand name miss out on opportunities to grow and be unable to sustain their success, even with loyal customers.

The need to rebrand

Rebranding should be utilized in the following situations:

  • The brand was fake at the start;
  • There have been changes to market conditions, and adjusting to them isn’t possible.
  • Brand awareness, popularity is low;
  • Companies are taken over by competitors;
  • The brand is constantly striving to set new goals, with higher standards.

Rebranding is a task

The main tasks that rebranding can accomplish include:

  • enhance brand distinctiveness, differentiate your brand;
  • improving consumer loyalty
  • Attracting new customers, increasing the audience for the business.

Rebranding experts recommend leaving out of the mind of the consumer the elements that are positive about the business and defending it against competitors. It is also essential to eliminate those aspects that harm the image of the brand.

Which companies have had their brands rebranded since 2022?

Every year , a number of companies change their branding and 2022 is no different. 2022 is marked with the introduction of new logos as well as names and various other changes in the brands. Below are the most fascinating one.

HotJar with a brand new logo

The final thing that happened in the year that was just ending, since it was the time to turn 2021 and 2022 it was the rebranding and relaunch of HotJar. The tool that creates heatmaps updated its logo as well as its entire visual branding. Rebranding, which is typical for the company that researchers from its product employ, isn’t just an image modification.

Ferrari with a horrible anniversary logo

The renowned car maker Ferrari has released the anniversary marking to mark the 75th anniversary of its founding. It’s a chic combination of the letters 7 and 5, with the dates of 1947 and 2022 incorporated into the letters. Additionally, there’s the black steed that is characteristic for the company, that is embedded inside the belly of the number 5. If you are familiar with the Ferrari brand as well as their vehicle lines and the passion for Italian people for great design, you can be expecting more here.

Barilla revamps its image to mark its anniversary celebrations on its 145th birthday.

In Italy and speaking of anniversary celebrations, it’s impossible to not mention Barilla the market leader in the world of pasta and celebrating its anniversary of 145 years. While the brand’s new logo Barilla is not revealing much but a lot has changed with regard to packaging – which is the most crucial visual element in this business and every change can be assessed positively.

AS Saint-Etienne presented a new logo

French AS Saint-Etienne presented in January a brand new logo that will be in use starting July 1. The moment of the announcement of the new logo it was decided by fans (the project received the support of a majority of 16,000 supporters) It appeared that the logo was meant to be the symbol of the club following the demotion from Ligue 2. The club has been improving and getting more consistently, so the players might wear the logo that refers to the past of the club’s top division in the coming season.

Radio France refreshes its image

If you are in France If you are in France, it is worth taking a look at the latest image that is being used by Radio France – the French national radio station. The company has dropped the logotype it introduced in 2017 and will instead use an image with a sigil. The signet, while reduced, is a reference to the logo used with minor adjustments between 1975 and 2005. Its brand new color is a popular intense ultramarine. It was previously employed in France as well, such as for the brand logos that is part of France Judo. It’s quite appealing and is fresh. The agency Yuma based in Paris Yuma is the person responsible for the brand new look for Radio France. French radio.

Trier University has a new logo

The University of Trier decided to revamp its logo and visual identity. The internal teams at the university are in charge of the initiative. Other than branding, web site as well as the majority of promotional materials as well as printed publications will be altered.


Rebranding can alter some or all aspects of a brand’s identity. It’s a lengthy and laborious procedure. One must prepare for it in a way that will achieve the desired result. Changes should be prior announced to all recipients and carried out in a coordinated fashion so that there’s not two different brands of the same company available on the market simultaneously.

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