Reasons Behind People Opting for Hair Transplant in Lakewood Ranch

There are numerous treatments available for hair loss these days. Some are traditional, over-the-counter medications, home remedies, and surgery. Few of the treatments provide satisfactory results, while others don’t. Many of them don’t provide permanent solutions for hair loss. Thus they are stated to be a failure option of hair loss treatment. One of the most popular and effective remedies is the hair transplant that is hassle-free and helps significantly to enjoy dense re-growth of hair. 

Hair loss happens for different reasons; however, people affected by excess hair loss feel embraced as hair enhances the beauty of the face. Hence, the most beneficial way to enjoy the growth of dense hair is hair transplantation surgery. Dr. Martin Maag M.D. is one of the most popular hair specialists practicing in Lakewood Ranch who has helped numerous people enjoy healthy hair. 

Benefits of hair transplant:

  • It is the best solution for people suffering from severe baldness and who haven’t had any success trying other treatments. 
  • It is a safe process as dermatologists or surgeons don’t use any chemicals to do the surgery. They use microextraction instruments and local anesthetic to complete the transplantation of healthy hair follicles in the scalp area that is deprived of any hair. 
  • It is a thoroughly successful treatment; hence you don’t have to worry about being crestfallen. You can enjoy dense hair all over your head in a few months of surgery. 
  • The whole surgery will be completed in a few hours, and it is painless. The doctor will initially apply a local anesthetic to the scalp before starting transplantation.
  • The side effects are minimal; thus no concern about experiencing any sort of health discomfort. Some people experience a mild headache or have reddishness on the scalp that will reduce in a couple of hours. 
  • As the surgery initiates hair’s natural growth, there is no need to take extensive care to maintain hair. For many people, it is a one-time treatment. Thus it is total value for each penny of theirs. 

Dermatologists will prescribe some medications that help to regrow healthy hair soon. The cost of the transplant depends upon many factors like the number of hair follicles to transplant and the patient’s health condition. The dense hair growth improves the person’s personality and enhances the beauty of the face. Don’t hesitate to contact an expert hair specialist in your region. 

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