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A service that allows the developers to implement messaging technologies is known as Messaging API, and it usually is an application with the help of a single programmable interface. The API is most of the time offered by a third-party provider with access to global carrier networks.

The global carrier will facilitate the traditional way of messaging that is SMS or MMS and will also be able to send a message through chat applications. A messaging API doesn’t need a backend system or various other messaging channels since the infrastructure of the API is completely ready and can be used anytime.

The uses

The widespread use of messaging API is to provide bulk texts for marketing purposes, promotional offers straight away to the customer’s mobile phone. Another use of messaging API is that it sends notifications like tracking updates etc.

Still, the primary benefit of messaging API is that it supports web-based notifications because it is supported by all SMS-enabled devices.


Messaging API comes with two-factor authentication; moreover, with the API, there are no delays in imitating services, so the messages and especially secured OTP can be reached.

Why gup-shup is the best

  • Gup-shup is very reliable.

Gup-shup has a platform able to handle 4.5 billion transactions on a monthly level. Moreover, Gup-shup guarantees 99.9% uptime and dependability thanks to our system redundancy and dependable cloud platform.

  • It is very secure

The gup-shup platform is ISO 27001:2013 certified. Moreover, they follow strict policies and processes designed to comply with the security needs like data protection vulnerability testing and role-based access control.

  • 24X7 availability

The system is highly available to ensure that no communication is lost (99.9% uptime guarantee) and load balanced with geographical redundancy. Furthermore, Gup-shup professionals monitor platform performance at all times and provide support and assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

1. Gup-shup is 100 times better than free SMS API

Gup-shup allows the consumer to add SMS messaging capability to the customer service ecosystem, which is way better and more effective, and reliable than the SMS API. You will be able to send timely messages and send automatic updates to the customer at any time of the day.

SMS API will also allow you to promote the products or services and also will be able to send abandoned cart reminders to your customers.

2. Difference between SMS API and messaging API

An SMS API is helpful for sending out automated programmatic SMS messages, but since its functionality is limited, it cannot send other messages like voice, WhatsApp, etc.

On the other hand, a messaging API will allow you to send and receive messages through an app. So basically, you can send WhatsApp notifications, email, bot messages, and voice messages to your consumers. This will also allow you to patch calls, lookup for numbers, track links, etc.

To sum it all, here is the usage of messaging API

  • You will be able to send an OTP via SMS
  • Send voice OTP as a fallback
  • You will be able to call patch
  • Do number masking
  • Send SMS
  • Send various sort of notifications on WhatsApp
  • Send voice messages

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