Ranking Animal Crossing New Horizons Events and Festivals

Last year, Nintendo added lots of events and celebrations into Animal Crossing New Horizons and many of them returning to the game in 2021. When ranking all the ACNH events, which one is your top 1? Here we outline five best Animal Crossing events with reasons.

The Fireworks Show, which will take place every Sunday during the month of August, is the first event to be made accessible in the ACNH August update to players. All of these were released simultaneously in the summer update, so we were able to go scuba diving. However, the fireworks displays in general were so gorgeous that it was a very nice touch to be able to utilize our own unique designs as fireworks. Several people used it to create really amusing fireworks, and it was great to invite your friends around for the occasion so that you could all shoot some really, truly beautiful photographs together. On your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the Fireworks Show takes place every Sunday throughout the month of August at 7 PM, starting at the beginning of the month. The event takes place on the same days in both the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere, regardless of the season in either region.

There are new Animal Crossing goods available with the New Year’s Eve event, which takes up the fourth place on the list. This event is not time-limited, so you may participate anytime you like. This one is just a little bit more special, there’s just something very wonderful about ringing in the new year with all of your villagers decked out in their beautiful costumes and hats and glow sticks, it’s all just really nice and festive. As for Isabelle and Tom Nook, it’s wonderful to see them finally enjoying some fresh air and going outside of Resident Services, which selling ACNH items for sale. New Year’s Eve is a celebration of the previous year that can be found in all versions of the Animal Crossing video game franchise. This event, which marks the beginning of the two-part New Year’s celebration, is the culmination of each year. Tortimer throws a countdown celebration for the locals in the town square to celebrate the New Year. As a result of this celebration, the next day is New Year’s Day, which serves as the second day of the New Year celebration.

When it comes to events in Animal Crossing New Horizons, one of the best three is Halloween. Not only do players enjoy seeing Jack the king of Halloween and participating in the trick-or-treat event, but Halloween also marked the first time we were introduced to pumpkins and a variety of other really cool items that went along with them. The fact that this is the first time we’ve ever been able to grow pumpkins is exciting, since who doesn’t like a little Halloween fun? The arrival of pumpkins is just the beginning of the Halloween-themed activities that will take place on your island. With Halloween just around the horizon, you may begin storing up on sweets as soon as possible. During the month of October, you may find costumes for Halloween, such as a mage’s outfit, at the Able Sisters store to match your own taste. When Halloween night comes on October 31 around 5 p.m., residents will congregate in the plaza, which will be decked up in a slew of festive Halloween decorations.

With Turkey Day, which was introduced in the November update, we got with the new furniture series for turkey day and it kept to its new leaf roots where you would help Franklin collect materials by going fishing and diving as well as asking your people for some assistance. The rewards were fantastic, and everything is especially lovely at this time of year because of the weather. Accumulate some bells ACNH in order to purchase the adorable things you want. By revealing the secret component to Franklin, you will get an additional furniture piece as a thank you. Make sure to provide him with the secret ingredients for all four of the Thanksgiving DIY recipes if you want him to offer you the Turkey Day DIY recipes.

What will be the first event on the list? That’s Toy Day, not only because of Jingle, who we may assist by pretending to be Santa Claus, but also because of the whole mood created by this occasion. The notion of giving and seeing your people, as well as receiving gifts from Santa, is the sweetest thing that has ever happened. Also included with this event were many new things, the first of which was the addition of Nook’s Cranny’s toy ACNH products for sale, as well as the prizes that Jingle provides you for assisting him in his endeavors.

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