Quintrex 370 Outback Explorer

Quintrex has taken tinnies to new heights with the new Outback Explorer line, which features bigger and bolder models than ever before and is meant to take you on the most adventurous excursions. The 370 Outback Explorer’s higher deadrise lets it zip through the water while maintaining a smooth ride.

Are you considering purchasing a boat? Well, you should be extremely cautious when buying a boat for the first time. There are a variety of models on the market. Today, though, we’ll look into the features of the Quintrex Outback 370 Explorer.

About Quintrex 370 Outback Explorer

The 370 Explorer is designed to sit comfortably atop most utes for boatie enthusiasts who need a little more room to move. The 370 Explorer tinnie is 3.75m long with a 1.5m beam and has a one-piece exterior Solid T Keel for added durability while loading, as well as an Eclipse Hull for a relaxing and fun day on the lake.

While underway and in turbulent waters, the Eclipse hull combines the stability of a typical V-nosed stake with the handling of a V-shaped hull. Thanks to the V-nose design, the wide beam may be extended forward to the bow, which adds stability and helps disperse turbulent water.

Features of Quintrex 370 Outback Explorer

Quintrex 370 Explorer has some fantastic features. Let’s have a look at what makes this model special:

  • For large rivers, this boat is ideal.
  • It has a comfortable bench seat.
  • Because this model has a front deck, you can operate anything.
  • Transom handles, anchor gusset, and glove box are all included in the Quintrex 370.

Quintrex 370 is now one of the most incredible boats available. Whether you’re looking for adventure or fishing, this is the model for you. This boat weighs around 98 kg and has a 1.73 m beam.

This lovely model has an extended shaft transom and a maximum horsepower rating of 25 hp. As a result, it can comfortably accommodate three people. Rowlock blocks, front deck, anchor gusset, transom handles, and more are included in the Quintrex 370 Outback Explorer. This model can be used for crabbing, estuary exploration, major river exploration, barra, and bream fishing.

Quintrex is well-versed in its industry. All good manufacturers should do the same. Distributors’ opinions are also taken into consideration. Dealers have requested more compact cans. They can’t seem to get enough of it. 

In sailing and turbulent conditions, the Eclipse hull combines the stability of a typical V-shaped punt with the maneuverability of a V-shaped hull. Its V-shaped nose allows the wide beam to be moved forward to the bow, providing additional stability and aiding in the dispersal of choppy water. 


Even if thousands of people are, purchasing a second-hand item will be difficult. Because they are so simple and adaptable, everyone who has a small amount in the shed will retain it. Quintrex’s marketing and boat teams collaborated to redesign the Explorer of Outback for the small mice and grey nomads with this in mind.

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