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Quick Guidelines For Approaching Women

In this post, we will look at 5 steps that will help you to approach women in the real world. You’ll learn how to show women that you’re the type of man that they have been looking for from Dior. Read on to find out how.

1. Gain her attention

One of the main reasons why approaching women doesn’t typically work is because you don’t gain her complete attention before approaching and talking to her. When it comes to attention, this refers to eye contact. This will ensure that she isn’t surprised or not listening to you. If you make sure that she notices you before you even talk to her, this will help her to become more relaxed and you can pay attention to the non-verbal signals that she is giving off. For example, if she is comfortable holding eye contact, smiling at you and if you think she would welcome a conversation with you.

In some cases, you may need to say hello or gesture in order to get her to look at you. Once you do this, make sure to pause so she can realize that you’re speaking to her before you continue the conversation.

This is a lot easier in theory than in reality, however, it is essential that you’re relaxed and friendly while doing this. One way to get into a relaxed zone is to listen to motivating music and make sure that you smile even if you feel uncomfortable. This will go a long way in getting her to relax and identifying you as someone trustworthy.

2. Say the obvious

If the woman that you want to talk to is busy, whether it be reading a book, speaking to friends, working on a laptop etc, you should let her know that you understand she is busy. This will show consideration for her as opposed to simply waiting for an opportunity to greet her. However, avoid being too apologetic. All you need to say is “Hi (pause), I can see you’re busy, but I’d just like to say…”

3. Compliment her

Don’t give her compliments that are solely based on her appearance or unoriginal. Using pick up lines such as “did you get hurt when you fell from the sky/heaven” are old and outdated and should never be used. You should also avoid telling her typical cliches such as she has beautiful eyes. This will simply feel like you’re hitting on her. Instead, it is a good compliment to tell her something you’ve noticed about her. For example, you can tell her that you like how focused she is or how the conversation she’s having looks like a lot of fun etc. Alternatively, you can go simple and say that you just came over to say hi. This is quick and easy and implies a compliment.

4. Introduce yourself

Once you’ve given her a compliment, understand that she may not know what to do next. So, in order to let her know you’re interested in talking, you should tell her your name. This will also help to create trust. For example, you can say, “By the way, my name is Joe” and then she should most likely tell you her name. However, if she chooses not to tell you her name, then this is a clear sign that she isn’t interested in speaking with you and you should end the conversation by telling her to have a great day and leave.

5. How to make the conversation last

There are many ways to work on your conversation skills, however, you can start by talking about yourself as oppose to asking her a lot of questions. This may seem like a bad idea, however, when you’re talking to new women in the real world, you do need to show that you’re non-threatening and help create trust first by sharing a couple of details about yourself. This will then invite her to talk about herself.

So, you shouldn’t ask a woman where she lives but rather, say something like “I don’t know where you’re from but I live near downtown.”

This will help to make her feel a lot more comfortable since you’re giving information and being open as oppose to questioning her.

The above steps on how to talk to a woman in the real world may not be what you thought they would have been, however, after working as a dating expert with thousands of women and men, these steps work. This is because they are based on creating trust and respect.

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