Quick and Easy Steps to Restore Old Floors: Mid-Year Plan

You have now reached half of this year! You look around, and you see the floors beginning to look too old and outdated. But as you look closer, you notice the floors are still in their perfect shape. Seamless, with minor stains, or tiny almost invisible cracks.

So, now are you thinking of ways to treat the floors without spending and using too much. The only solution to retouch the floors is through concrete floors refinishing. It seems everything else looks seamless. You only need to deal with tiny flaws that can be treated with quick commercial concrete polishing or coloring for a change.

Let today’s post be your guide to all the things you need to know about refining the floors.

How do you refinish a concrete floor?

Is there a difference between refining and repairing? How about resurfacing? These are words that seem to mean the same. But there are slight differences. Let’s compare.

Concrete Refinishing Process vs. Repair vs. Resurfacing

Basically, concrete floor refinishing involves flooring recoloring, retouching obvious flaws, and giving back its vibrant look.

Compared to repairs and resurfacing, the latter Process involves changing the core layers of the concrete. It usually consists of the use of more complex techniques than simple repainting or repolishing.

With concrete refinishing, the floors stay quite the same as how they used to be. Nothing else changes aside from making its surface attractive like how it was before. The process is easier, more efficient, practical, and finishes in no time.

Concrete Refinishing Options

Refining applies to the following flooring options:

  • Cracks repair- FIlling the joints and cracks
  • Concrete Staining- Adding a non-fade coloring and seals the existing cracks on old floors
  • Polishing- Removes concrete flaws like uneven surface and hard to remove dirt
  • Concrete coating- finishing the concrete floors with pure solid layers that work best for busy spaces like garages

So, how do you refinish concrete floors? Like any other flooring treatment, refinishing requires three essential steps: preparing the floor, treating, and sealing the surface.

If you stay true to following these significant steps, your floors are in good hands. Now here is a detailed list of how to go about retouching the floors. If you have any of the flooring finishes from the above list, you will only need to do the same Process.

Next, learn when it is the right time to refinish. 

  • Refinish when the concrete floor coloring fades.
  • Refinish when moisture begins to damage the concrete slabs.
  • Re-apply epoxy coating when the garage floor coating gets damaged by natural occurrences.
  • Repaint the floors or even pool decks to apply a protective sealer quickly to prevent liquid and other stains from damaging the surfaces.
  • Refinish if you want to change the flooring style or decor.
  • You can as well, refinish the floors when you are not satisfied with your newly resurfaced flooring.

How much does it cost to refinish concrete floors?

Refinishing will not cost you tons of cash. A basic polishing or staining will only cost you $3 to $12 per square foot. From this price range, you will need to know how much materials will cost. Labor and suppliers’ location will also influence the changes in prices.And finally, the best way for you to get the final cost of your project is to talk with a professional contractor at a Concrete Resurfacing Dallas. You can find one near you, and if you do not know what to ask, you can always browse some tips online on how to talk to experts in the industry.

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