Pyramid Figurines: Ancient Symbols of Power and Wealth

Today, most people know the meaning of a pyramid when they see one. But the pyramids we see today aren’t what they once were. Pyramids in Ancient Egypt were actually homes to their pharaohs and tombs for many of them. They were also seen as symbols of power and wealth. In fact, there are many things to visit in Egypt, but before you plan your trip, you much check the Best time to visit Egypt. Today, we still use these symbols to represent our power and wealth even though we live in a different time period and culture. Here are some ways that Ancient Egyptian pyramids are similar to modern ones.

What are pyramids?

Pyramids are large structures that are made out of stone, brick, or concrete. They are typically square shaped with four triangular sides. The sides of the pyramid build up to a point at the top. This is called the apex.

Pyramids were first constructed in Ancient Egypt, but they can be found in other cultures as well. One example is the pyramids at Chichen Itza in Mexico.

What did ancient pyramids look like?

When talking about pyramids, you have to think of the most famous one in Egypt – the Great Pyramid of Giza. This pyramid is the only survivor of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World. The Egyptians built these structures out of limestone and covered them with white plaster.

The pyramids were made to house their pharaohs and their family members that they wanted buried near them. They also served as tombs for themselves where they would be put inside sarcophagi, which are stone coffins. The centre point of each pyramid was used for a burial chamber with a narrow passage leading down to it with a series of steps on either side.

How did ancient Egyptians use their pyramids?

Ancient Egyptian jewelry used pyramids as tombs for pharaohs and their families during the Old and Middle Kingdom periods. These pyramids were often made of stone and surrounded by a wall to protect them from invaders.

Today, we see pyramids used for architectural purposes like the Great Pyramid of Giza and Luxor Temple in Egypt. These buildings are still symbols of power and wealth even though they’re much different from what Ancient Egyptians built.

In both Ancient Egyptian times and today, these structures have been seen as symbols of power and wealth because people associate them with great leaders in history. In Ancient Egypt, that was their pharaohs. Today, it’s important businesspeople who have a lot of say in how the world is run.

What do modern pyramids look like?

Pyramids in ancient Egypt were built with many layers of stone that were tied together with mortar. A pyramid was made up of six to eight layers and had a flat top.

Modern pyramids are still considered symbols of power and wealth, but they don’t look like the ones in ancient Egypt. They’re usually built in a horizontal or triangular shape and still have a flat top. Many modern day pyramids also have windows and doors.

Why do we still use the pyramid symbol today?

The pyramid symbol is still used today because it’s a positive image. It signifies power, strength, stability, and security. We use the symbol to represent our businesses to show that they are stable and successful.

Some people may not know the connection between the pyramids of Ancient Egypt and pyramids that are used in modern times. The symbolism behind them has carried on for centuries.


In this post, we have explored the similarities between pyramids in Ancient Egypt and today’s pyramids. We saw that many cultures used pyramids as a symbol of power and wealth.

Pyramids were built in Ancient Egypt for their pharaohs to live in and then to be the tomb of the pharaohs after death. These same concepts can be seen in modern culture with our luxury homes and how they are often our final resting place.

Pyramids also represent a powerful symbol for a company making a lot of money. We see this on commercials, ads, logos, pictures, etc. It is also seen through many businesses using pyramid shaped logos or using their logo as a pyramid shape themselves.

By exploring these similarities between ancient pyramids and modern ones, we can start to understand how important it is to preserve history so that future generations can understand why these symbols had meaning back then too.

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