Precious Crystals: Meaning and Spiritual Benefits

The exquisite crystals are known to possess some spiritual energies. Some help improves the positivity around you, and some help in absorbing the negative vibes. Since ancient times, people have used these crystals to spiritually motivate themselves and increase the positive vibes at their homes and workplaces.

These crystals can be found in places like Dantes Luxury and several stores online. And you can get these stones delivered to your home. The metaphysical energy/power of these stones is well known to everyone, and crystal healing rituals are a common scene nowadays. It is becoming a worldwide phenomenon, and the sacred ancient techniques and science developed thousands of years ago are now gaining popularity everywhere.

This article will discuss the four of the most sought after crystals and their healing abilities.


This crystal is known to have very powerful healing properties and high vibrations. It is one of the most sought after crystals in the market.

It is a form of crystallised gypsum and is a multifaceted one that is found in almost every continent. It is abundant in Mexico, Australis, Morocco, the US, Madagascar, and Brazil.  It is found in different shapes such as tabular, granular, prismatic, and acicular shards. These are of white selenite colour, and look stunning wherever you place them.

It contains powerful healing properties. This stone’s high level of vibrations cleans the body and mind of negative energies accumulated in your body. The crystal helps you focus and have clarity of mind.

Caribbean Calcite 

Calcite is a mix of Aragonite’s delicate brown and white tones with natural Calcite serene ocean blue. This mineral has an ethereal appearance that reminds you of gorgeous, dreamy seascapes.

Aside from its exceptional aesthetic appeal, this newly discovered beauty is thought to have a lot of spiritual benefits. The uncommon stone is in high demand in the jewellery business since it lends a tropical feel to any accessory.

This crystal embodies various healing powers that can bring significant changes in your mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects.

Tourmalinated Quartz

These quartz are a combination of quartz and tourmaline crystals. These crystals are available in many colours such as red, black, green, yellow, etc. This complex stone has the same properties as regular tourmalines, but the composition is richer because of the presence of quartz crystals.

This crystal has an abundance of spiritual powers(chakra). The first chakra is the root chakra, which can strengthen your connection with the material world. This is the reason why tourmaline quartz is very significant. Your connection with the material world increases as the stone strengthens your senses and focus.

This stone dispels negative energy and reduces nervousness and stress. Your mind will become stable, and your ability to focus will improve. You can get these by ordering from Dantes Luxury or other stores online.

Labradorite Crystal

Labradorite is a magical stone that is common in the realm of spirituality. It has an ethereal beauty to it and provides a wide range of spiritual benefits. If you’re going through a huge life change, can’t find your purpose, or feel surrounded by negativity, this healing stone is there for you. It cleanses your aura and assists you in becoming more aligned with the divine. This powerful stone, which carries magical abilities, can be a soothing companion, especially if you’re stressed or anxious.

These crystals can be put in different places at your home, office, or you can wear them as an ornament. Many online stores can make custom jewellery if you request, with various crystals. Go for the one you believe will be helpful for you, and you can find out by reading the healing powers of those crystals in the description.

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