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Among the number of sizing and trimming instruments, circular Bandsaw Blades are the most preferred and feasible tool. It is used for cutting a range of materials from hard to soft by the help of its honed edges. If you are wandering to buy professional or DIY, durable with the wide range of cutting and panel sizing visit this Vendor website, we guarantee you the pleased results.

Important parts of circular saw blades:

Power cord:

Usually composed of rubber or neoprene. Longer cords are ideal (Usually 8fts).

Blade guard:

It is for the protection of user from the blade. It is automated and spring loaded.

Bevel adjustment:

It is provided by lever for adjustment of the angle to get desired cut.


Should be flat in length and width. It should be parallel to the blade.

Types of circular saw blades:

Ripping saw blades:

Ripping saw blade is used when fine and even cut is desired in wood when used parallel to the substrate. Number of edges covered around the blade.

Crosscut saw blades:

When cutting in perpendicular to the direction of the woodcrosscut is perfect choice. The circular surface is provided with a grooved knife with opposite direction of blades alternatively.

Combination saw blades:

They are the combination of both ripping and crosscut blades.

Special saw blades:

All those blades which are specifically designed for a specific purpose, belongs to this miscellaneous family.

Ideal features of circular saw blades:

The standard circular saw blades consist of following features:

  • Teeth count:

24- tooth blades are found to be effective for cutting lumber and sheets. While 40 tooth blade for the clean finished.

•          Gullet/groove size:

It should be sufficient for easy removal of dust.

•          Hook or rake angle:

Positive angle may provide rougher cut. Positive hook angle provides self feeding cut of metals, but it’s quite dangerous.

The negative rake angle is used by special and crosscut type of circular saw blades.

•          Kerf:

Extra fine and thin kerfs are ideal for smooth and clean cut.

Types of cut:


It is fine cut. Circular blades with higher number of tooth count is used with steep bevel angle.

Rip cut:

It is a rough cut with the little or bevel angle and the blade with lesser number of teeth is ideal.

Plunge cut:

It is required when the cutter can not enter from the extreme edges. Position of shoe is very important in this type of cut.

Continuous-Rim blades:

Special type of blade whose edges is finished with diamond usually bonded bysintered metal powder method. Continuous rim is the best choice for sizing  porcelain,  marble,  tiles, granite and ceramic tile.

It is specific for the product for example  the blades for porcelain need to be soft otherwise it will glaze the blade and furbish by dressing stick or by running through soft material will be required. It is used for the wetsubstrate usually.

Turbo-Rim blades:

Turbo-Rim bladesconsist of notched rim used for the brick and concrete cutting. It is more aggressive than continuous rimbut it lacks the smooth finish sizing. It is applicable for both wet and dry substrate.

It is usually steel based rim provided by hollow spaces for lowering the temperature for retaining the life of rim.

Segmented rim blades:

Segmented rim blades are type of circular saw blades whose rim maybe steel based  with gullets likewise in standard blades. The gullet size may vary  according to application of the blade. The gorge is wider for the soft material (e.g. Asphalt), narrow for the harder material such as ceramic tile, and key hole shaped for generalized use.

It is most aggressive among all types. It can handle tough material as well. It is specified for the dry sizing and paneling. Gullet spaces served as cooler for rim blades and for the removal of dust, slurry and heat. It is used to conserve the efficiency of blade.

Abrasive blades:

Abrasive blades are toothless circular saw blade provided with abrasive material like aluminum oxide or Silicon carbide. It is usually used with water, or coolant in order to dissipate the produced heat during the milling process and sustaining the life of the blade.

In application it is durable and fast cutting instrument. It is provided with two sheets of fiber. The core is usually made up of steel or stainless steel  materials. Usually attached to the table top. It is used for millingconcrete and asphalt.

Stacked dado blades:

Stacked dado blade is used for wood sizing consisting of two blades belong to same or different types of circular saw blades (for variety of applications), chipper (usually portable and the serve the purpose of size reduction of tree trunk in wood cutting), gasket (it serves the purpose of seal between the spaces) and different sizes of groove.

It is usually attached to the table not recommended for the use by hand.The paneling by this type of the blade gives the precise cut. Its use integrates the efficiency and flexibility to the applications.

Application of circular saw blade:

  • Blades with diamond finished are used in milling, sizing, cutting and drilling industries.
  • It is used for cutting the stones, rocks.
  • Steel blades are used to cut or sized the soft material.
  • Abrasive saw blades are used to cut glass, tiles, stone, ceramic, etc.

Advantages of circular saw blades:

  • Cutting the stones by diamond based blades favors the environment friendly demolition. It minimizes the operational loss of the vicinity.
  • Abrasive blades are used to smooth the upper surface of concrete evenly.
  • Abrasive blades are used for polishing of concrete and provide smooth, glossy finish to the surface.
  • Enhances the durability of the surface.
  • It also serves as a drilling tool (Diamond based).

Are you sure you are choosing the right circular saw blade:

  1. If you are not getting clean finished cut on the plywood (known as a test cut) then go for higher number of tooth blades.
  2. The blade move in upward direction so, if you are using the hand circular saw blade then the entry corner is smoother than the exit corner contrary for the table attached circular saw blades.
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