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Plants That Keep Mosquitos Away 

Having a lovely backyard in your home is like having your own private paradise. However, even in a paradise, you may find disadvantages like unwanted pests and bugs. Mosquitos are among the most unwanted visitors in our garden sanctuary, but that’s the disadvantage of having an open space for relaxation. However, there are ways you can keep mosquitoes, pests, and other bugs at bay in completely natural ways. Showcase Renovations offer great solutions for backyard spaces, where you can feel safe to relax. If you want to learn more about things you can do to avoid pests and bugs, keep reading this article. 

Keep Mosquitos away with Plants

When you get back home after a long day at work, and the weather is great outside, it is only natural that you would want to spend as much time relaxing outside as possible. However, there may be some unwanted guests: pests and bugs, in your backyard that can disturb your peace. 

Did you know that some common plants can keep mosquitos away? You probably already know them by name, but you may not know that they are natural repellents. Let’s take a look at some of them here: 


Eucalyptus is a great plant, known widely in its essential oil version. The oil is usually extracted from the leaves. The strong scent of eucalyptus chases all kinds of insects away. Eucalyptus is a powerful repellent against pests like whiteflies, mosquitos, and earwigs. This plant is widely used in cosmetics, primarily in repellents. 


Camphor is another plant that you have probably already seen or heard of, and it is also known for its mosquito repellent benefits. The smell of the leaves of this plant disorients mosquitoes, keeping them away from you or preventing them from biting. 


Lavender is one of the most attractive plants for backyards. This gorgeous purple aroma is not only a good multi-purposeful herb, and it is also a great repellent for bugs. The scent of Lavender can be so strong that it would repel all kinds of insects, including flies and months. It will keep mosquitos away from your garden as well. You can also use some of its dry leaves and place them in a small bag, and put them in your wardrobe to keep them away. 

Lavender essential oil, for instance, is popular for putting in repellents. If you want to have a healthy-looking Lavender bouquet in your backyard, you have to plant it in a sunny spot. Make sure that it is also close to the relaxing space so that it can be most efficient in terms of repelling insects. 


Rosemary is not just a culinary herb that you can plant indoors or outdoors. It can also be used to chase away fleas, ticks, and other bugs. You can also use it as a powerful repellent against mosquitoes. You can also make your homemade repellents out of all of the herbs and plants you grow in your backyard. 

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Other Suggestions for Keeping Bugs Away from Your Backyard

Water features with stagnant water 

Remove stagnant water from your backyard. Any water features that have turned into stagnant ponds or puddles should be removed from your backyard. Mosquitos or other bugs tend to make puddles and ponds their home, so if you want to avoid them, you should get rid of stagnant water. It is best not to leave food around the backyard. Bugs and even small animals are drawn to it, so keep your area clean.

Cover trash bins

Cover your trash bins, especially if you throw food in the trash. Don’t leave food or unwashed dishes laying around in outdoor areas. Outdoor parties around a barbecue are fun, but make sure that you don’t leave dirty dishes or leftovers. They tend to attract all kinds of insects and other pests. Make sure you keep your backyard garden clean at all times. 

To sum it up…

Arranging plants in your backyard that would chase mosquitoes and other insects away is a must if you want to enjoy a longer stay outdoors at home.

Do you need adjustments to your backyard or can’t decide how to arrange your garden? You can turn to professional contracts like Showcase Renovations which will give you the best solution according to your specific needs, space, and location. 

Keeping a clean backyard will reduce the occurrence of bugs and other pests. Don’t forget to clean your backyard regularly. Remove any stagnant water features like ponds, fountains, and even buckets of water. Don’t leave any leftover food lying around in your backyard if you have a barbecue or a summer kitchen, and make sure you close any trash bins outside. 

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