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SHA-Punjab is considered as one of the safest universities in India, where students can study in a conducive atmosphere. The SHA-Punjab website claims that all the facilities and resources are available for aspiring students who wish to study in this institute. However, there are still some questions that need to be answered. Here are some points to consider when choosing a university:

Various sources of revenue for SHA-Punjab

Various sources of revenue for SHA-Punjab are the subject of much discussion, but how can one decide which to choose and which to pass over? A study of the health industry in Punjab for example suggests that the lion’s share of the total expenditure is allocated to the private sector. The public health sector in the state spends a measly 1% of its GDP. On a per capita basis, Punjab has some of the lowest expenditure per capita in the country.

There are several government departments in the state that spend money on health, ranging from the local and state levels to the federal. The Department of Health and Family Welfare, which mainly handles finances routed through the state treasury, is the most important government intermediary, but it is not the only one. Other notable entities include the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, the Printing Corporation of Pakistan, and the Ministry of Special Education. The Department of Local Government, Punjab, which handles the state’s municipal administration, also plays a large part in the health care landscape.

The SNHA Punjab, which handles the public sector health sector, is also a major contender. The SNHA has been around for over three decades and is responsible for the health and medical expenditures of the state’s most populous city, Chandigarh.

Integrated Counselling and Testing Centers (ICTCs)

Integrated Counselling and Testing Centers (ICTCs) are an important entry point in the care of HIV/AIDS patients. These centres provide pre-test counselling, testing and follow up counselling for HIV positive patients. They also provide testing services for general clients. These facilities are also used to assess the effectiveness of targeted interventions in a defined cohort of HIV positive patients.

To conduct this study, 20 ICTCs from New Delhi were chosen on the basis of their location and proportion of HIV positive patients in their respective population. All ICTCs offered HIV testing services and had adequate waiting room space. However, some ICTCs did not have sufficient counseling room space.

Counsellors were interviewed for the study. Their work was assessed for quality, using nine components. These included: (a) the level of utilization, (b) the quality of counselling, (c) the staffing, (d) the content of counseling, (e) the laboratory services, (f) the referral services and (g) the infrastructure.

Counsellors reported high client load. However, only 8 out of the 19 hospitals had sufficient space for private counseling sessions.

The ICTCs had a good biosafety program. All ICTCs used rapid kits for HIV testing. The lab results were accurate. The results of HIV testing were available on the same day in six of the ICTCs.

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