Phase 2 for CBD cultivation

In the next phase, it will be produced on an industrial scale. Expanding the cultivation of medical cannabis By focusing more on cooperation with community enterprises, organizations, and other agencies and increasing the production capacity of more extracts. and developing medicinal products from cannabis extracts in a variety of forms, such as tablets, creams, patches, suppositories, gel capsules,

so that doctors can choose a variety of drugs for patients more appropriately and increase the efficiency of treatment as well.

For the past phase 1 operation, which is the research and development level, conducts research and production of cannabis flowers and produces drugs from sublingual drop cannabis extracts by growing indoor with floating root system technology. (Aeroponics), One of the systems for growing medical-grade cannabis on ​​​​100 square meters of the Organization of Thanyaburi District, Pathum Thani Province, starting from February 2019, is the first legal, medical cannabis cultivation in Thailand, which is currently cultivated and produced as a drug from cannabis extract, sublingual drop oil (Sublingual drop) and distributed to various medical institutions for three cycles of cultivation. There are three formulas: THC: CBD 1:1 formula used in muscle spasms patients multiple sclerosis Or use as prescribed by a doctor.

CBD kaufen formula is used in patients with difficult to treat epilepsy. Treatment-resistant epilepsy Or use as prescribed by the doctor and the unique THC formula, package size 5 ml (in 1 drop contains THC 0. 5 mg), which the results of the study applied to patients with various diseases going in a good direction Patients have a better quality of life. Eat more, sleep, hurt less. decreased spasms, reduced vomiting.

Dr. Witoon Danwiboon, Director of the Government Pharmaceutical Organization, said that the cultivation of medical marijuana in the form of greenhouses (Greenhouse) and outdoor (Outdoor) on the area of ​​​​Nong Yai District Chonburi Province As part of the Phase 2 operation, it is a quasi-industrial scale, occupying 1,552 square meters of the operational area, supporting approximately 1,300 cannabis plants per year to study and develop cultivation methods and to develop medical cannabis strains. That provides high active substances and is suitable for growing in Thailand and will be able to reduce the cost of producing cannabis inflorescences in the future by emphasizing three medically necessary hybrid strains, both CBD kaufen dominant, THC dominant, CBD: THC (1: 1) and Thai species Planted in 3 greenhouse systems, namely.

System 1: A pad and fan greenhouse, by installing an exhaust fan through a cooling pad to allow the water to evaporate into steam. Water absorbs energy from the air in the form of latent heat. This makes the air that loses heat through the evaporation of water has a lower temperature. It is a system that can reduce the temperature and has a low cost. But unable to control humidity Suitable for growing medical cannabis during the stem growth stage.

System 2, a hybrid air conditioner and dehumidifier (HAC) 1 house, is an efficient technology for temperature control. And good humidity, including air filtration and prevention of diseases such as botrytis and powdery mildew. The HAC system works with a combination of a compressor that uses an air conditioner with a LiCl solution, which can cool and dehumidify better than installing an air conditioner. It also uses only 19% of electricity compared to installing an air conditioner and humidity control system. (Dehumidifier) ​​suitable for growing medical CBD kaufen during the flowering period. to get quality cannabis inflorescences.

System 3: Two open-air greenhouses are open-air houses with a roof to prevent precipitation. Install a large insect net. It is a low-cost house for both house price and management costs. But unable to control temperature and humidity. This will be used for research studies on cultivating cannabis in natural climates, including the selection of species that are high in essential substances to suit the weather conditions in Thailand. In addition, it has also been planted outdoors (Outdoor) to study, research, and develop together in the same area.

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