One Olaplex Product You Need To Bring It Back to Life

How to grow brittle hair and give it a salon look? Olaplex has an answer.

I think many of you have heard about Olaplex products. There are many different opinions about the effectiveness of this hair treatment. Some people think that N° 3 works only when you used N° 1 and N° 2 in the bleaching process. Others think that it is not effective at all. And others are delighted with Olaplex and recommend it to everyone. What to believe?

I was thinking for a long time about whether I need Olaplex or not. It is pricy and the effect is unpredictable. I did not use steps N° 1 and N° 2, because of that I had even more doubts. But when you are the owner of short bleached dry hair, and your dream is long healthy hair, you definitely need good hair care products. Salon treatment is expensive, and it is not enough. So I decided to give Olaplex a try, and I am is incredibly happy about this decision.

I bought  Olaplex N° 3 at for a good price and got free delivery as well.

How to use Olaplex N° 3:

Firstly, I rinse the hair with water and then dry it with a towel. Apply Olaplex for at least 10 minutes. For very damaged hair, wash off and reapply. Rinse your hair using shampoo and conditioner. Apply once a week or more.

Personally, I used the product every 7-10 days. It is better to keep it for at least half an hour, the effect on my hair was better when I kept Olaplex on my hair for longer. But the most amazing result will be if you apply the product overnight.

Personal opinion about Olaplex:

I love it! After applying Olaplex, the hair looks like after the salon. Smooth, soft, and tight. Hair shines and impresses others with its beauty. The effect persists the next time you wash your hair, but in a week (I wash hair every day) the effect fades away. And you need to use Olaplex again.

I have been using Olaplex N° 3 for two and a half months. I have not yet finished the first bottle, so you do not need a lot of product, it spreads easily through hair. The price is high, but it comes out much cheaper than salon procedures or ampoules. But I think everyone understands that maintaining bleached hair is expensive, and even very expensive. It will be difficult to grow hair using mass-market products, but professional treatment is usually pricy.

Now I have fewer split ends and my hair does not break. I finally have hope about growing beautiful, smooth, and long hair. Thank you Olaplex. I am thinking about buying other Olaplex products for even better results. 

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