New innovations in higher education system in UK

Before the invention of the television and the World Wide Web, the only source of entertainment for people has been books (buyessay, 2021). And consequently, the same was used for educational purposes too. Nonetheless, in the modern era of information technology, a great deal has changed, not just in the terms of the technicalities being employed, but also in terms of other practical assessments being used.

Following are mentioned some new innovations in the higher education system in the United Kingdom.

3D screens in classrooms

Many universities try to enhance the learning of their students through the use of 3D screens in their classes. These 3D (three-dimensional) screens give a representation of things which is almost real. Hence this is being highly used in the higher educational system in the United Kingdom.

This is extremely useful in critical areas of learning where only 2D representation cannot clarify many concepts. For instance, some engineering students may not understand the technicalities of their modules by just a 2D representation. If they would see things, for instance, the mechanics of a car engine in three-dimensional representations they would be able to grasp it better.

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Virtual touch screens

A similar innovation is the VTS or the Virtual Touch Screen which is also being used in the universities. A virtual touch screen (VTS) is a user interface system that projects virtual items into reality using sensors to track a person’s interaction with the object, either using a projector or an optical display.

A user could, for example, make three-dimensional images that appear to float in midair utilizing a monitor and a rear projector system. Some systems employ an optical head-mounted display to project virtual items onto a transparent display, with sensors determining visual and tactile interactions with the projected virtual objects.

Virtual Touch Screens are being commonly used in universities now. Students make use of it to carry out their complicated research. This innovative technology is also quite beneficial in the medical field and hence is being used there by the medical universities too. Of course, in technological studies like the field of robotics, students and their teachers make abundant use of this technology.

Immersive learning

The concept of immersive learning is being abundantly incorporated in modern universities. In this digital learning technique, unique sort of learning experiences is tried to be created. This is done by using technology to generate artificial or simulated environments. These environments enhance learning. Studies have also shown that digital learning contributes to deeper learning (VanderArk and Schneider, 2012).

Virtual reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR), are ways in which immersive learning is applied.

  • In virtual reality, computer modeling and simulation are used. This is utilized to create a 3D visual experience or some other sort of sensory experience.
  • Augmented reality works by basically enhancing the experience of the real world. These are used to digitally place objects within the real-world environment.
  • In the Mixed Reality digital technique, both the virtual and augmented technologies are mixed.

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Snowball education technique

Snowball is an instructional approach in which students use a sheet of paper to create a conversation prompt e.g. statement, question, etc., about a topic or concept. This technique is being employed in the higher education systems in the United Kingdom now.

The prompt is meant to spark conversation and/or aid in their understanding of the topic. This teaching technique can be guided by an instructor question or prompt, but the student ultimately determines the subject of the discussion. These suggestions could be based on a reading, a video, a previous lecture, or a question concerning the course material.

This technique acts as an icebreaker between the students and the teachers. For his reason, this is being utilized in the universities. Of course, not all university students are confident enough to efficiently communicate their ideas in front of the whole class directly.

However, they shall not be deprived of their right to have a say in educational institutions. Through this technique, their ideas can be disclosed in front of their class fellows. Their intellect can thus be praised too.

SWOT analysis based assignments

SWOT analysis is a method of determining potential strategies based on a combination of an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). The integration of the various elements, as well as the extensive data gathered as a result of the analysis, can serve as a catalyst for roundtable discussions and the refinement or development of new strategies.

This technique is now being employed in universities too. Students will be able to reflect on and identify their own traits that help them achieve and grow their Learning Objectives in the workplace through a personal SWOT i.e. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analysis.

Hence such SWOT assignments are given to the university students in the United Kingdom which aid them in recognizing their own selves. This is especially useful for students dealing in managerial subjects like a student pursuing his MBA degree. This helps the students to build stronger personalities which would be useful for them in their future in the modern-day job sectors.

Final Statement

All these innovative techniques are being highly used in the higher education systems now in the United Kingdom. The aim of all these techniques is solely the betterment of the students.


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