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Netflix is undoubtedly the most popular movies platform in this era. An extension for the Chrome browser has been introduced to help you learn foreign languages. This extension works with the Netflix movies video service and displays two subtitle options simultaneously, allowing you to visually link translations with dialogue and learn new words while watching. The plugin supports Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish. At the same time, it loads subtitles from the database of the service itself, so there will be no errors.

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David Wilkinson and Ognjen Apic initially created the extension to learn rare languages. Wilkinson said there are very few teaching materials for Farsi and the like, so the extension should help.

That being said, the plugin is best suited for people who already have basic knowledge of the language and grammar. The extension allows you to use a dictionary with translation and a speech synthesizer to pronounce a word. In addition, you can slow down the dialogue or automatically pause the playback at the end of the subtitle so that the user has time to read the text. There is even a directory of Netflix movies and show recommendations to explore.

The current version is free, but the developers plan to add additional paid features, such as alternative audio tracks and custom subtitling. Also, the extension is exclusively for Google Chrome, which does not allow using it on tablets and set-top boxes like Apple TV. However, this will probably be fixed in the future.

The developers themselves have not yet contacted Netflix movies to offer them collaboration. However, they hope this will not raise questions, especially since the service has a “Learning Mode” with similar functionality. You can download the extension.

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